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MARCH 2022

Eleven years since I first published, and I am still doing this! His Wicked Celtic Kiss and Protecting the Duke released last year, and I just published My Wicked Soul (It's Never too Late for Love Anthology) and I am in the final editing stages for The Duke of Pain (The Rakes of St. Regent's Park #4) so that should be out in a month or so. 

What's next? Book 5 of The Rakes series, The Not So Perfect Duke, is almost completed! I also found a historical western manuscript (Never published) I am going to rework to fit my It's Never too Late for Love Anthology series (older heroes and/or heroines) Also the boxset mentioned below is not happening, so if I continue with that story, it will be part of the Never too Late for Love Anthology.

I also plan to continue with my Wicked Men of Rockland City cotemporary series at some point, book 3 was written long ago and it needs massive reworking and editing. But there is no rush. 

I work at my own pace, impose no deadlines, and I am enjoying writing more than ever. I've also cut way back on social media. I'd rather use any spare time I have for writing. Cheers!

APRIL 2021

Ten years since I was first published, wow. He's the Wicked Bad released, I will continue with the series soon, as His Wicked Celtic Kiss may be re-released later this year. My main project at the moment is The Rakes of St. Regent's Park (historical) series. The first book is Protecting the Duke (all new) and will be put up for pre-order shortly. I hope to release it in June. I am also revising The Baron and the Mistress and Knight of Christmas to be books 2 and 3 in the series. Already working on book 4. 

Also started another series, It's Never too Late for Love, it will be an anthology series of short stories of heroes and/or heroines 40 and older. I put That Christmas Feeling as book 1. Book 2 will be released in due time, it's called My Wicked Soul. This anthology will have both contemporary and historical stories.

Also working on a short story (historical) for a boxed set, which will eventually be added to my anthology. The working title is The Scarred Duke
So, as you can see I am still active, but it is on my timeline, whenever I feel like it. I am imposing no deadlines on myself. Keep checking this site for updates as I no longer send out a newsletter. Cheers!


Hard to believe another year has passed. I've re-released The Vicar's Frozen Heart (and revised it) So The Hornsby Brothers series is back in my control. I also just released The Spinster and Mr. Glover (The Revised Edition) It's no longer a short story, but a novella of 33,000 words. Check it out. Working on He's the Wicked Bad (Previously called The Wicked Bad) Major, major revisions, and I'm hoping to release it before the end of the year. Also working on revising Book 2 and 3 and started book 4! (Book 3 and 4 are all new) Working at my own pace suits me far better at this stage of my life. Cheers!


It's been a wild year personally and professionally, and not much accomplished--at least professionally. I did have an all-new release in April, THE MARQUESS OF SECRETS (Book 3 Hornsby Brothers) 
My editor left Kensington Publishing, and with it, all my enthusiasm for pursuing traditional publishing in any way. I am off that roller coaster. Key that in with a serious illness spanning over several months and now a move halfway across Canada, the rest of 2019 is a wash as far as writing. But once I am settled into my new home, and fully recovered (almost there) I plan to return to writing at my leisure (no more deadlines, yay!) See this post HERE on what I have planned (fingers crossed) in 2020. Cheers!


The time has flown once again! What is up? Knight of Christmas was re-released in September, the third and final book of The Men of Wollstonecraft Hall, Love with a Notorious Rake, will release Dec 4th.

I will be having my 4th (!!) Bookbub on Nov 28th, Scandal with a Sinful Scot, (book #2) will be 99 cents.

So, self-pubbing. The Marquess of Secrets (Hornsby Brothers #3) will be releasing sometime in 2019, not this year, sorry. There has been much going on in real life. It is almost finished so hopefully in the first few months of 2019. As far as The Wicked Men of Rockland City series (contemporary), still on the back burner, also there are many old rights reverted stories I could do, but I am pacing myself. There is also a reworking of historicals I will be self-pubbing at some time in the future, called The Rakes of Regent's Park series. The Baron and the Mistress will be added to this series. I plan to make book one perma-free (short novella). Again, no idea when this will all take place.

Traditional publishing? I am working on a historical romance series idea. The agent likes it, but whether it will go anywhere is another question. The romance market has atrophied as far as publishers go. Stay tuned! Have a safe and relaxing holiday season :)

JUNE 2018

Wow, where did the time go? Marriage with a Proper Stranger released in February, and Scandal with a Sinful Scot releases this month (June 5) the third book will be December 4, 2018.

Thanks to a Bookbub ad for MWAPS, I hit #1 Amazon Historical author and #19 for the entire site for the book. Cool. Time to move on, however, and what I am working on next.

I am hoping to release through my own publishing arm, Knight of Christmas and the third and final book in the Hornsby Series, The Marquess of Secrets, before the end of the year. Working on them now. Not sure what comes next concerning traditional publishing, stay tuned.

Beloved Beast is on sale for 99 cents for the months of June. My Highlander Cover Model also got a new cover, done by Cora Graphics, and I will be putting it on sale soon.

As for The Wicked Men of Rockland, looks like I will be self-pubbing at some point. I have renamed the series Wicked Men of Rockland City. Again, stay tuned!


It's been awhile! I have been busy writing the three books contracted by Kensington Publishing, The Men of Wollstonecraft Hall. That is where most of my 2017 went. *poof*

So there has not been much going on since the last update. Though I finally finished revising and editing THE COPPER AND THE MADAM and it was re-released last week! Book 1 is FREE until Nov 30, 2017. 

The first book of my new historical series, Marriage with a Proper Stranger, will release Feb 6, 2018. There was a cover, and...it was yucky. Still waiting on a new cover. 

As for KG Publishing, I am not sure what to do next, as I am still receiving rights reversal for books. I have quite a backlog.

I believe I will be revamping The Wicked Men of Rockland next. I envision 4 books. Two were already released and need revising, book 3 is written, so it will only leave one book to write. Frankly, I am exhausted. There has been a lot going on personally as well, so I might just slow everything down for 2018. 

Have a good rest of the fall and a great upcoming holiday season. See you in 2018! 

MARCH 2017

Lots going on! First, I have a literary agent, Elaine Spencer from The Knight Agency. This is no easy feat. An agent could receive thousands of queries in the run of a year. I am thrilled to be taking my writing in new directions!

Also, I was offered a three contract deal from Kensington Publishing for a new historical series called The Men of Wollstonecraft Hall. All three books will be published in 2018 with their digital line, Lyrical Press. Look for Book 1, Marriage with a Proper Stranger, Feb 6, 2018.

Beloved Beast released Feb 28th. This is the last book in The Ravenswood Chronicles.
Love across Time box set released Jan 10th.
My Highlander Cover Model is no longer in Kindle Unlimited. Look for it at other e-vendors. Check out MY BOOKS for links on releases. HERE

Got the rights back to The Wicked Bad. Now waiting on His Wicked Celtic Kiss. When I get it, this series (Wicked Men of Rockland) will be revamped, revised, and given to my agent (so cool to say that) to shop around.
The Copper and the Madam is being revised and I hope to re-release soon.
Lots on my plate!


 Hi, it's been a few months. The Governess and the Beast and My Highlander Cover Model have been re-issued. MHCM is in Kindle Unlimited, but I may take it out in early 2017. Check out MY BOOKS for links on these two re-releases. HERE Also That Christmas Feeling re-released and Beloved Monster from Kensington Publishing/Lyrical Press also released. Same link.

Coming up? I will be in a box set releasing January 10th of historicals and time travels called Love Across Time. Timeless Heart is included.

Got the rights back to Black Lust, Rock the Wolfe, Heart of Rock, and on December 1, The Copper and the Madam. I hope to revise and get The Copper and the Madam back out in 2017. The others are on the back burner.

Also rec'd word I will be getting the rights back to The Wicked Bad. Good. I will be continuing my Wicked Men of Rockland series soon Hope to get book 2 back next spring. 

Lots on my plate! Stay tuned!

JUNE 2016

It's been a rough spring, dealing with a lot in real life. In March, Book #2 of The Hornsby Brother series released THE VICAR'S FROZEN HEART. Right now it and book 1, BOLD SEDUCTION are on sale for 99 cents until the end of June. Check out the post HERE.

I rec'd the right back to THE GOVERNESS AND THE BEAST May 1st. Just waiting on the formatting to be done (I have to learn how to do this myself) and I will be re-releasing it ASAP. A reminder: The audiobook is still under contract to Decadent Publishing, it is the older version.

Still working on revisions of MY HIGHLANDER COVER MODEL, it is taking longer than I thought, it needed more work than I thought. Hope to re-release this summer sometime. Will be put in Kindle Unlimited. 

THE BARON AND THE MISTRESS Right now, it is 99 cents. grab it while you can!

BELOVED MONSTER had its cover reveal, check it out HERE, it's up for pre-order. releasing Sept 13, 2016. That's all for now!


Happy New Year, a little late. The Spinster and Mr. Glover (book 1 of Blind Cupid series) released Dec 7, 2015, the short story is priced at 99 cents. check it out at Amazon HERE.

Book #2 of the Hornsby Brothers series. The Vicar's Frozen Heart, will release March 1st, 2016. Check it out at Amazon HERE.

I've dropped another publisher, Crimson Romance. Read more about HERE and the upcoming release in my Wicked Men of Rockland series, My Wicked Soul, coming fall 2016. (self-pub)

Also working at a re-release for My Highlander Cover Model. Probably an early summer release. (self-pub)

Timeless Heart will come of KU in March and release to all vendors. The Baron and the Mistress has also come of out KU and is priced at vendors for 1.99.

Asked for the rights back to The Governess and the Beast. Will probably be okayed for May. It will be a quick turn around to get the story back out, won't be many changes. Already ordered the cover. More to come. And that's all the news for now!

  OCTOBER 2015

And it's been more than a few months. Here's the news: Timeless Heart re-released in June. It is doing so well in KU (Kindle Unlimited), I decided to leave it there another three months. Not only can you read it for free at KU, but it is also only 99 cents to buy. Check it out on Amazon HERE.

Meanwhile, Bold Seduction's release was a major disappointment. I should have changed the title when it was decided to make it a series. Too late now.
And yet The Vicar's Frozen Heart (book #2 Hornsby Brothers) is up for pre-order and selling. I can't figure this biz out for the life of me. Check it out HERE

The Baron and the Mistress is in KU for three months, and I will probably be taking it back out again when the 90 days is up. It is also on for a limited time at 99 cents. Check it out HERE

In December I will be re-releasing The Blind Cupid as The Spinster and Mr. Glover. This short story has over 7000 words added. It will get a release at all vendors. Can't set the date yet until Decadent Publishing takes down The Blind Cupid. Coming soon! I have cover art.
Have a great rest of the fall!

JUNE 2015

Wow, it's been awhile. Since February, I've had my first self-pubbed release, April 7th, THE BARON AND THE MISTRESS released and did okay (meaning I made my investment back and a little extra) Available at Amazon and other vendors.

TIMELESS HEART is up for pre-order! And will release June 9th. More than 7500 words added and re-edited and revised. Since this is a re-release, It will be in the Kindle select program for the first 90 days which means on Kindle Unlimited. After the 90 days, I plan to opt-out of KSP and release it to other vendors.

I am sitting on some news that I will keep to myself until its official. Its a personal validation victory for me. I am not convinced it will mean I will sell more books, though. Hope I can announce it soon!

If I disappear for chunks of time, there is a lot going on in my personal life with regard to Mr. Gerrard's health. It may impact my social presence and writing so please bear with me.

I actually started writing Book 3 of my Wicked Men of Rockland series, not sure how far I will get because of the news above I can't announce and the personal stuff. But know I am picking away at it.

That's it, cheers~


A belated Happy New Year! I was on a hiatus part of January due to personal health issues concerning my live-in hero Check HERE and HERE, Some more bumps in the road ahead, but it could have been so much worse.

Because of that, my first self-pubbed release, THE BARON AND THE MISTRESS will be delayed. Early spring now. Will keep you posted. Apologies!

TIMELESS HEART AND TIMELESS LOVE are no longer available. I rec'd the rights back from Evernight Publishing. I have already started revisions and editing for TIMELESS HEART and hope to self-pub it late spring/early summer. I have no immediate plans for TIMELESS LOVE. 

HIS WICKED CELTIC KISS (Wicked Men of Rockland #2) and THE WICKED BAD (Wicked Men of Rockland #1) are on sale the month of February for 1,99 each 50% off the list price. Only at AMAZON. Check it HERE.

Also, I am going on an actual blog tour! Feb 12-14 is a book blast for HIS WICKED CELTIC KISS  with Tasty Book Tours. A print copy of THE WICKED BAD is up for grabs! Check it HERE

I think that is all the news, for now, cheers!


Well, the unthinkable happened. I am going to try my hand at self-publishing. Read about my venture HERE Articles say the golden age of self-pubbing is over, but I am not doing it for the money, I just want a little control over my stories for once.

My first venture? A historical novella called THE BARON AND THE MISTRESS Check it out HERE, No firm release date as yet. But sometime early 2015.

During the month of December THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING from Evernight Publishing is on sale at Amazon and All Romance for 99 Cents. Check out the book HERE

My one and only release with Ellora's Cave KNIGHT OF CHRISTMAS is out soon, later in the month. Check out my one and only post about it HERE

I heard back from Kensington about the release date for BOLD SEDUCTION. Its Sept 1, 2015. Wow. Working on edits already. And hard to believe, it's up at Amazon for pre-order though there is no blurb or cover art as yet.

Got lots on my plate but working at my own pace. Everyone have a safe and relaxing holiday season!


A few developments. Wild Pitch (co-written with Gayl Taylor) released with Decadent Publishing released Oct 3rd. (Formerly The Hero Sandwich)
This will be my final release with Decadent Publishing.

No word on Bold Seduction (historical) from Kensington/Lyrical. Will keep you posted.

KNIGHT OF CHRISTMAS from Ellora's Cave. Releasing Dec 19th. I have removed all references to EC and the upcoming book from my media sites. This will be my one and only release with Ellora's Cave.

HIS WICKED CELTIC KISS (#2 Wicked Men of Rockland) released Oct 20th From Crimson Romance. Look HERE for buy links for my recent releases.

Summer Heat Box set continues to sell well. You can get THE WICKED BAD (#1 Wicked Men of Rockland) in this 10 novel set
 Read more about it HERE Snap it up, limited time! 99 cents for 10 novels.

Thanks to my dealings with publishers, I am taking the rest of the fall to contemplate the unthinkable (for me) self-pubbing. More to come!


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