Friday, November 28, 2014

One and Only Post for @KarynGerrard One and Only Ellora's Cave Release #Historical

Approx 26,000 words 
Historical/Erotic/Holiday/ Victorian Romance
Release date: Dec 19-24th
Here is the Cover: done by Allyse

Here is the Blurb: Christmas is the last thing on Brandon Knight’s mind when he returns to his hometown after ten years away. Arriving in time for his foe Viscount Ravenhurst’s funeral, his plans of vengeance are now thwarted. Instead he focuses retribution on the lovely widow Lady Angeline. They share a debauched, painful past though a fiery passion had grown from their brief time together. Broken hearts were left in the wake of their desire.
Angeline feels nothing inside. After suffering a devastating loss and a horrible marriage, she and her son are now destitute. Bran steps forward with an outrageous offer and Angeline has no choice but to accept.
Bran will have to surrender his plans for revenge to help bring Angeline back to life. The attraction still sizzles between them. They once loved each other but doubt they are able to do so again. However, it’s Christmas and anything is possible.
A Romantica® historical erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Here is the back story: This story was contracted in 2012 by Silver Publishing before everything went to hell in a handbasket. Luckily, I got the rights back to this (it hadn't been edited as yet) and two other published stories when the problems first started and long before they imploded and went out of business.

So in Jan 2013, I submitted this to Ellora's Cave. Long story short, got a contract offer Sept 2013. I turned down a second contract offer for a historical in May 2014 (since contracted by Kensington) and made the decision then and there EC was no longer on my radar. Not sure what is up with this publisher, and how it will all shake out (supposed money problems, lawsuit (they are suing blogger Dear Author) etc) This poor story has been through the ringer. Cursed? You have to wonder.

Here is what happens next: I move on. And watch the calendar for the day I can contractually request my rights back.

Here is the release date: It says Dec 19th at the EC site, and it says at Amazon (where it is up for pre-order) the release date is Dec 24th. So who knows.

Here is the link at Amazon: KNIGHT OF CHRISTMAS

Am I bitter? Not really. Life is too short to get in a snit over this whole (non)experience. Looking forward to 2015 and hopefully a more satisfying year in writing/publishing, because frankly, 2014 kinda sucked.

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