Sunday, February 8, 2015

Some Good News and Bad News @KarynGerrard An Update~

First, I want to thank everyone for the comments and messages of support across social media during my hiatus. It is much appreciated.

Yes, there is good news and bad news with regards to my live-in hero. The good news? It's not cancer. That was the best news ever.

The bad news? He will he off work for several months and will require back and neck surgeries.  Being a dedicated teacher, having to leave the classroom halfway through the year has hit him hard, but health comes first. There are other things also to be addressed, but those are the main points I'm willing to make public. Got to keep some things private, right? :)

It goes without saying I am here for him. Since we live in a tiny town, we will have to travel for these operations, so we will take things as they come and adjust accordingly.

It shouldn't affect my writing much, in fact, having him home means he can assist me with editing/revisions! YAY! Just kidding. Well, sort of. *wink* But it may mean I may blink out of social media for short periods going forward.

Life can be a damned bumpy road, but I'll take the victories when and where I can.

Its not cancer.

Onward. :)


  1. Anytime it is not cancer, that is indeed good news! I'm glad for you both.


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