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NEW RELEASE! Sale! #99Cents My Wicked Soul (It's Never too Late for Love Anthology Series) by @KarynGerrard #olderhero #rockstar


My Wicked Soul (It's Never too Late for Love Anthology Series)

Contemporary Romance/novella

by Karyn Gerrard

From the author:  Sections of this story were previously published in 2013. I made a LOT of changes, expanded, revised and most of this is all new material. All the stories in this anthology series are standalone and short novellas.

Close to the breaking point after a difficult year in the classroom, elementary teacher Jessica Coleson is looking forward to summer vacation. While staying at the old family homestead, she meets an intriguing man who may be as burnt out as she is. Factor in his rough-hewn good looks, she finds him hard to resist.

Just turned forty and weary beyond words, rock star Mercury Phalen’s world has unraveled, culminating in the bust-up of his group and the dissolution of his marriage. Even though he laments the loss of his guys more, he’s not looking for an entanglement with another woman.

Though Mercury is attracted by Jessi’s nurturing personality and sensual response to his touch, denying what exists between them is a wise choice—especially considering the baggage he’s dragging behind him. Yet he wonders: could this be the love he has yearned for and written songs about all these years? 

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A romance anthology of historical and contemporary short novellas where some or all of the main characters are over the age of forty. It's never too late for love!

Other books in the series!

KG Publishing
Contemporary Romance/Holiday

Though Connall Doyle achieved many of his professional goals, model, sometimes actor, along with a modicum of financial security, his life of late has been empty. Christmas this year does not hold any appeal. But when offered the chance to go on a sports and poker trip to a secluded wilderness camp, Connall jumps at the opportunity to escape the city and tragic holiday memories.

A spur-of-the-moment holiday excursion brings the devastatingly handsome Connall to Kerrie Kelleher’s doorstep during Christmas week. It is not only his stunning good looks that draw her but the sadness she sees in his eyes. Surrounded by all the holiday trappings and a searing hot attraction Connall cannot deny, he begins to wonder if 'that Christmas feeling' will be enough to heal a painful past and allow love to enter his heart.


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Karyn Gerrard is a multi-published author from Eastern Canada. She loves to write sensual historical and contemporary romances. Tortured heroes are an absolute must.

 Karyn’s been happily married for a long time to her own hero. His encouragement and loving support keep her moving forward.
To learn more about Karyn and her books, visit

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