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PRE-ORDER! Protecting the Duke (The Rakes of St. Regent's Park #1) by Karyn Gerrard @KarynGerrard #LadySleuth #HistoricalRomance


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Blurb for PROTECTING THE DUKE (The Rakes of St. Regent's Park #1)

The fact that women couldn’t join the London Metropolitan Police was an injustice to Eleanora Galway. She found her way around such an obstacle: by forming a detective agency. When a note arrives from a duke concerning a mysterious and gruesome delivery, Eleanora agrees to investigate.

Despite the pursuit of pleasures by The Rakes of St. Regent’s Park, weariness and boredom were setting in. Along with stark loneliness. No one felt this more than Christian Bamford, Duke of Allenby. Once the Galway Agency arrives, Christian is fascinated by Eleanora and her razor-sharp deductive mind and bold confidence. She attracts him as no other woman has done before.

When Christian proposes assisting her with her inquiries, Eleanora initially balks. But the temptation of being in the darkly handsome duke’s company is hard to resist. Swept up into an adventure and a passion neither had counted on, the blending of unlikely lives, occupations, and societal standing seems insurmountable. But for the independent Eleanora and the progressive-minded Christian, nothing is impossible. Not even love.


In a private meeting place, in an old bank office behind Colosseum Terrace on Albany Street, a group of gentlemen attended a gathering. It had nothing to do whatsoever with financing, investments, or stocks—unless you counted moral bankruptcy. The central rules of this club: no serious attachments to anyone, and the pursuit of one’s own pleasures, especially of the carnal variety, were to be of the utmost importance.

But weariness and boredom were setting in. Along with something more worrying: loneliness. A disquiet of the soul. These bad boy peers of Victorian London were damaged, hiding their inner torture beneath a thin veneer of devil-may-care dissoluteness.

It takes an exceptional group of women to capture the hearts of such men. To see past the outer shell. The ladies are determined to live and love in their own way, with no relinquishment of their independence and no compromises. How satisfying to find that deep down, these progressive men are in total agreement.



Author's Note

Book 1 is an all-new historical romance set in 1897 Victorian London, and I will be folding in already published standalone historical romances into this series (revised, of course) The new edited books have been uploaded!

THE BARON AND THE MISTRESS (The Rakes of St. Regent's Park #2)


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KNIGHT OF CHRISTMAS (The Rakes of St. Regent's Park #3)


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Book 4 is a historical romance that I received the rights back to years ago. Also reworking/revising that. The working title is THE DUKE OF PAIN coming soon! Also book 5 is in the planning stages, stay tuned!

Karyn Gerrard is a multi-published author from Canada. She loves to write sensual historical and contemporary romances. Tortured heroes are an absolute must.

 Karyn’s been happily married for a long time to her own hero. His encouragement and loving support keep her moving forward.
To learn more about Karyn and her books, visit  www.karyngerrard.com.

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First off, look at this lineup of historical romance authors! I am so pleased to be part of the group!

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Ten Years as a Published Author! by Karyn Gerrard @KarynGerrard #HistoricalRomance #Contemporary #AmWriting


In May 2011, I had my first story published by a digital e-publisher. The ensuing ten years have been a real roller coaster ride, and at this point in time and stage of my life, I am more than glad I got off.

The writing itself has always been enjoyable, but all the surrounding 'stuff', has not. The higher you reach, the higher your stress. (at least for me) So in that ten years, I moved on up, to more established publishers, and even managed to get an agent (thanks to a three-book contract). I won't get into just how many levels of stress I was under (granted, some of it I put on myself) but I am doing this now on my terms, at my own pace.

I've cut back on social media. I just got an email from Mailchimp, saying my account has been dormant for 23 months. I don't send out newsletters anymore. How effective are they? Perhaps for authors with tens of thousands of followers. To me, newsletters are from another era, and like blog tours, they are no longer effective. But hey, that's just me and my opinion.

I am no longer a full-time author, I have no desire to find another agent or publisher. I am doing it when I feel like it. I impose no deadlines, write when I want to. 

A new release is coming June 29th, it was a book I was working on while still with an agent, and I am so glad I could rewrite it. PROTECTING THE DUKE will be setting up a new series, The Rakes of St. Regent's Park. 

I also will be working on my contemporary series, The Wicked Men of Rockland City. I have a couple of novellas I am also picking away at. I plan to have all my books in series going forward, no more standalone releases.

So here's to ten years. It's been interesting! Will I be doing this for another ten years? I doubt it, but until then, cheers!

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From author Karyn Gerrard: I am in some great company, look at all the wonderful historical romance e-books you could win! My contribution is the recently re-released The Spinster and Mr. Glover (The Revised Edition). There are also books up to win by other members of The Drawing Room, the historical romance FACEBOOK group I belong to.

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THROWBACK THURSDAY: The Governess and the Beast (Blind Cupid #2) by Karyn Gerrard @KarynGerrard #historical #gothic @ERomNews

  • Publisher : KG Publishing (June 9, 2016)
  • Publication date : June 9, 2016
Gothic/Victorian Romance

blurb: With a new name and an eagerness to begin a new life, Lila Jenner answers an ad for a governess and embarks on an adventure she did not expect. Hiding secrets and a past she longs to forget, she is disappointed to find out she has been employed to be a companion of a different sort: To a man who embodies both beauty and the beast.

In a gothic, crumbling manor on the edge of a North Sea cliff, Baron Simon Wolstenholme is cloistered away from society. Horribly scarred from battle wounds, the baron lives up to his infamous title “The Beast of Stonecliff” in appearance and attitude and comes to the realization he’s been alone too long.

Simon bargains with Lila for a singular night of passion. A storm rages outside, but it cannot compare to the clash of emotions between a lonely man and a distrustful woman. Secret desires are revealed, hearts are laid bare. Many obstacles lay before them until they can admit their true feelings, though pride could destroy the fairy tale before it begins.

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Book#1 THE SPINSTER AND MR. GLOVER (The Revised Edition)

By Karyn Gerrard
KG Publishing

BLURB: His male beauty moved her. His vulnerability touched her. His past horrified her...

Longing for adventure, Anne Sommer, a spinster firmly on the shelf, does the unthinkable. She hires a man from the Blind Cupid brothel for several nights of scandalous pleasure. Anne wants the sensual memories to keep her company in the solitary years ahead. However, she did not expect the young man to move her in ways she never imagined.

Desmond Glover gives sexual gratification—for a price. An orphan whose childhood was mired in scandal and poverty; Desmond has learned to close off his emotions, especially with regard to his occupation. He did not count on a lonely woman to awaken his hidden passion. And touch his heart.

Not only do the years separate them, but so do their social standings. Can Anne and Desmond cross such a chasm and find mutual desire—or love?




KG Publishing

BLURB: In 1897 London, Detective Sergeant Rory Kerrigan never expected to find love among the crime-ridden streets he’s vowed to protect. His wretched past has hardened his heart, keeping emotion from his life. This ensured no interference with his police work. Yet an unlikely woman finds a way around his defenses. 

Rea is the owner of the brothel, The Blind Cupid, and harbors a desolate past of her own. As a result, she trusts no man. However it is hard to deny the ruggedly handsome Rory is everything honorable and appealing. He awakens feelings she’s never experienced before.

A grisly murder has Rory and Rea determined to bring the killer to justice. As danger lurks, secrets are revealed and passion ignites between them. Despite the obstacles, will the copper and the madam acknowledge their mutual yearning even at the peril of their lives?

Karyn Gerrard is a multi-published author. She loves to write sensual historical and contemporary romances. Tortured heroes are an absolute must.

 Karyn’s been happily married for a long time to her own hero. His encouragement and loving support keep her moving forward.
To learn more about Karyn and her books, visit  www.karyngerrard.com.


“Looking for a swoon-worthy read? You can’t go wrong with the lovely and emotional romances from Karyn Gerrard.” ~Vanessa Kelly, USA Today Bestselling author 

"Karyn Gerrard writes very enjoyable, richly textured historical romances." ~Kate Pearce, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author

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