Thursday, January 22, 2015

Taking a Hiatus For Urgent Personal Reasons @KarynGerrard

Received some not very good health news about the hubs, nothing fatal, but it will result in more than a few trips to nearby cities for tests and whatnot. He is off work until the middle of February, and I will be doing the same to give him my full support and attention.

I will keep my obligations regarding book spotlights, but outside of that, will not be on the internet much until we know more. Obviously, the hubs comes first-always.

This also means a delay on my first self-pub release, THE BARON AND THE MISTRESS. I cannot think about anything else but him for a while.

Good thoughts would be appreciated.



Wednesday, January 21, 2015

GUEST SPOTLIGHT: Karly Germain's Hot #MM Shifters! Cold Hard Justice @karly_germain #MCRomance #Erotic

Cold Hard Justice

By Karly Germain

Evernight Publishing Jan 21, 2015
Book #4 Umbra Shifters (conclusion)
Word Count: Approx 15,700
MM Erotic Romance/Paranormal/Shifters/Suspense

Blurb: Undercover work sucked. As a shadow hunter for the Umbra, Justice Cameron was used to sliding into one dangerous situation after another. Infiltrating the motorcycle club, Pride of Kings, to wrap up two outstanding cases should have been quick and painless, turns out it was anything but. Justice didn’t count on Ethan Stone’s son, Xavier, to complicate his assignment.

Xavier Lennox doesn’t care for the ‘lion pride’ way of life, so the scarred, shy loner keeps to himself, living a quiet life in a small cabin at the edge of the MC compound. He ‘fixes broken things’, and no one is more broken than Justice. When Xavier finds Justice beaten on his doorstep, he never imagined he would feel such a potent connection. The big, gruff alpha fascinates Xavier, and it turns out, the attraction is mutual.

The shadow hunter is there for one reason only. No time for complications. No time for desire...or love. Or so he tells himself, because he’s there to mete out...cold, hard justice.


EXCERPT: (PG-13) Justice had slept last night with a cold compress on his right eye and it must have helped, as he opened both and stared at him. His eyes were a dark brown, darker than his own, but lying this close he could see flecks of gold in the irises. Beautiful.
“You slept all afternoon, and I found Levon asleep on your chest. It seems you’ve made a fast friend.”
Justice stroked Xavier’s cheek with the back of his fingers. “Not just the cat, I hope.”
He leaned in to the touch. “No. Not just the cat.”
Justice explored the raised scars on his left cheek. “How did this happen? Looks like...”
“A stove burner?”
“Yeah.” Justice frowned. “Who hurt you?”
Something warm and tender bloomed inside Xavier. Justice cared. Hope also bloomed. Justice spoke the truth at breakfast. The mate connection could be accepted or rejected. Oh, God. How he wanted them to both accept it. Such a soul bond should not be ignored. It should be nurtured and cherished.
“My stepbrother, Rex. We were eight. You know kids. I invaded his space, touched his things. Actually, I think he was sorry afterward, in his way. He hasn’t hurt me since. He has...anger issues. Amongst other things.” Xavier laced his fingers through Justice’s. Such big hands. So warm. So gentle. Instinctively, he knew Justice would never harm him physically. His heart was another matter.
“Your brother sounds like an asshole.” Justice growled.
“He is. Here’s the surprising thing. I love him in spite of it. Though we’re not close and have very little in common, we are blood. Tainted blood, it seems.”
Justice’s eyebrows rose. “What do you mean?”
Xavier laughed brokenly. “Not sure I want to say. There is something between you and me and if I tell you, it may kill it. I know this is all too fast, but it’s the shifter way. I want you in my life, Justice. I want us to some point...become mates.”
That Justice did not expect. At least, not yet. Sure, there was something between them, but...mates? Admiration took root deep inside Justice. Kudos to Xavier for just putting it out there. No bullshit with this guy. It was refreshing, but how to answer? Maybe he should take a page from Xavier’s book and be honest. After witnessing the mate connections between the Stones and the McNamees, seeing the love, respect, and the mutual desire which pulsated all around them, he began to long for such a commitment in his life. Suddenly, his undercover position became as complicated as shit.
“I’m not used to factoring in another person in my decisions. Nor am I used to baring my soul. Mates? Jesus, big step. I’m not dismissing it. But I think we should get to know each other better first.” Justice winced inwardly. How friggin’ lame.
“I agree.” Xavier leaned in and kissed him. The electric charge that shot through Justice at the gentle pressure of Xavier’s warm lips stunned him. Justice moaned and deepened the kiss, and he grew hard. God, he ached for this guy.
“Lay back. Let me touch you. Let me show you how much I care. I will be gentle, I promise. Let you.” Xavier whispered.
Justice slammed his eyes shut so Xavier could not see the yearning in them. No one, in all his fifty-two rough-and-tumble years of living had ever said those words to him. He let the potent, emotional words seep into the very marrow of his bones.

WICKED HOT KILL by Karly Germain 
#3 in the Umbra Shifters

Blurb: Cheetah shifter, Killian “Kill” McNamee is the deadliest of shadow hunters—an Ender. If anyone in the Umbra world stepped out of line, got in his way, or became a problem, Kill lived up to his name. Hardened and soulless, Kill didn’t expect a brief encounter in an alley with a strange man to turn into something more serious. And thanks to a run-in with a pack of Werewolves, Kill finds himself in the kind of trouble he’d never before experienced.

Torin Stone, Dhampir, has lived many lives and experienced multiple heartbreaks through his long life and is not looking for any kind of involvement, especially with a wild, sexy, out of control cheetah shifter who is his complete opposite. After an attack by the Weres, Torin is the only one who can help Kill survive.

The more time they spend together, the stronger the bond between them. Torin will do anything to convince Kill they are mates. How can Torin resist rubbing against some—wicked, hot Kill?

BOOK #3 in my paranormal MM shifter series: THE UMBRA SHIFTERS

#1- His Great Dane short story found in Alpha's Claim: Manlove Edition Anthology
#2-Stone Cold Beast


STONE COLD BEAST by Karly Germain
 #2 in The Umbra Shifters

The Umbra Shifters, 2
Ethan Stone, lion shifter, had lived many lives. He’d been a biker, musician, and an Umbran, or shadow hunter. Everything changed two years ago when a nightclub fire killed the members of his rock band and left him the only survivor. Now scarred and living the solitary life of a nomad, Ethan just wants to be left alone in his isolated world.
Daric McNamee, a cheetah shifter and also an Umbran, has been given an assignment. Ethan Stone. Find out what happened the night of the fire and recruit Stone back into the Umbran. Not an easy task considering Ethan is stubborn and wary. Almost immediately, both men feel a mate connection, but the last thing Daric wants is to be a submissive to a scarred, terminally angry lion shifter.
However, the attraction between them can’t be denied—though Ethan tries. When it comes time for them to part, will they admit they are mates? Can Daric convince Ethan he is more than a stone cold beast?
Read The Umbra Shifters, 1 in Alpha's Claim: Manlove Edition

HIS GREAT DANE by Karly Germain

#1 in The Umbra Shifters
Look for the short story in The Umbra Shifters 'His Great Dane' in  in the bestselling 'Alpha's Claim: Manlove Edition'

Strength. Power. Domination.

 The shifters in our Alpha's Claim: Manlove Edition anthology have one thing in common—they won't take “no” for an answer. Whether they lead packs of their own, or whether they walk a solitary path, these alphas won't let anyone stop them from claiming their men.

 Lose yourself in these ten sinfully delicious love stories. After all, who could deny an Alpha’s claim?

BUY LINKS:  For Alpha's Claim: Manlove Edition

                   Karly Germain Website/Facebook/Twitter

An erotic romance writer, Karly believes romance is for everyone, and she loves to explore every facet and emotion involved regardless of gender or number of partners. The more heat and spice, the better. Happily ever afters are a must. So are shirtless, hunky men

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Weekly Roundup of News in my Publishing World Jan 16 @KarynGerrard #ComingSoon

First off, Happy New Year to everyone! Can you believe its 2015? The time does fly. So, I don't do resolutions. I never keep them, not that it's a flaw in my character (or maybe it is) but I grow bored and never stick to them.

I do have a few for my writing/publishing life though. Hopefully I will have more success sticking to those.

I will be venturing into self-pubbing this year. When, I really don't know. There are a lot of variables and real life is causing me to slow down the process so I am not setting any release dates. It happens when it happens. No way am I laying pressure on myself. So I will keep you posted on the status of THE BARON AND THE MISTRESS.

I received the rights back to Timeless Heart and its sequel, Timeless Love from Evernight Publishing.

They have already been taken down at almost all the vendors. So what happens with these two time travel stories? Nothing for now. Its on my long to-do list and at some point they will be re-written and re-edited and the plan at the moment is to self-pub one or both of them. I plan to self-pub all rights reversion books. (at lower prices than the pubs)

Thanks to Evernight for taking a change on me back in 2011.

This week I rec'd a revise and resubmit. And R and R is not a rejection. nor should it be taken as such. The pub in question really liked my story (a Gothic historical fantasy, not erotic) But it needs more—wait for it—romance. They want to see it again. No guarantee of a contract, but they saw enough merit in it to ask me to revise.

I've had 3 R and R's before over the years and after revisions, all three were offered contracts. So we will see what happens.

I have never written anything like this before, and the editor gave me great suggestions. So another project added to my long to-do list, lol.

In December, there was the release of KNIGHT OF CHRISTMAS. It sold a few more copies than I expected thanks to a mention in All Romance's newsletter. (it became a bestseller there)

Ellora's Cave mentioned this release exactly once on social media. And its no wonder I am turning to self-pubbing. This is my one and only release with EC and all that remains is a waiting game to see out the terms of the contract so I can ask for my rights back.

This whole (non) experience was a massive disappointment. Moving on.

Next month there is a blog tour for HIS WICKED CELTIC KISS with Tasty Book Tours. Feb 12-14th. Hopefully I can garner a few more reviews. Will post the schedule when I know more.

My "wise owl" advice for the week: *snort*

Avoid drama on the internet, and believe me, its only Jan 16 and there is a lot out there in the romance pub world already. It is tempting to jump into the fray on blogs and forums (or Twitter) but my advice is: don't do it. I have lots of opinions on things, but I keep (most) of them to myself. Spend that time writing. Ignore. There are some people out there that live for this: confrontation and drama. Don't get sucked in to the vortex.

Until next time, Cheers!


Monday, January 12, 2015

No Longer Available: Timeless Heart and Timeless Love @KarynGerrard #timetravel

Timeless Heart was my very first release in May 2011, and I have all kinds of respect for Evernight Publishing for accepting such a hot mess of a manuscript because they really liked the story itself. I never, ever expected my first manuscript to be accepted. But it was, and it sold well, and was a bestseller at Amazon and All Romance and Bookstrand. The sequel never did as well, (not even close) but hey, that's the way of the publishing world.

Regardless, the rights to both these books are being returned to me, so they will no longer be listed anywhere. In just checking, they are already down at Amazon and All Romance.

What are my plans for these books? I don't have any at the moment. I suppose one or both of these stories will see the light of day again at some point. I will be rewriting and re-editing to be sure. And will self-pub when I do get around to it.

In the meantime, my thanks to Evernight. My dealings with them have always been professional. Continued success to them.

I will be entitled to TWO more rights reversions later this year (according to contract) with another e-pub, Will let you know when the time grows closer. My goal? To ultimately get back the rights to everything. lol~ Well, most of it at least.

Seems the fact I am starting to self-pub will come in handy for these re-releases!



Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Friends/Followers? Maybe Less is Better #SocialMedia by @KarynGerrard #opinion

When I first started on social media (when I became published in 2011) I was told by others in the know (supposedly) to friend everyone! Follow back everyone! They are potential readers/customers!

Can't get enough people to friend or follow? Hell, you can buy some! Because everyone is impressed you have 10,000 egg avatar people following you on Twitter.

Maybe this strategy works at a certain level, but personally, the more followers you have, the less likely I am to follow you back.

Does having 15,000 followers on Twitter sell more books for you? Probably not. You can buy comments, likes, reviews, friends, followers, is anything legit on social media?

Chances are not much. I am very cynical, always was, I taking nothing or no one at face value on the internet, and after reading how an author was recently 'catfished' (from Urban Dictionary: Having a fake facebook profile, images and avatar in order to lure people to have romantic feelings. They are then catfished when the victim realises the person they have falled for via facebook is not who they APPEAR to be)
Becoming too chummy on social media may not be a prudent move. Not to say everyone is suspicious, most are honest, but it doesn't hurt to be vigilant.

So, at the beginning of this new year, I had a look at my social media accounts. I stopped long ago friending and following everyone. This past fall I had 3500 friends on Facebook. I took a few hours one afternoon and unfriended all the deactivated accounts (and wow, there was a lot) and got the number down to around 3200.

I spent a couple of hours each night for the past week clicking on the profiles of all my friends and made the decision to keep them or cut the cord. I was amazed at how many people (particularly authors) had fallen off the grid, not posting anything since 2012, 2013, or early 2014. So, I unfriended. Also unfriended any authors not in the romance field. Also people I never had any contact with whatsoever. By last night, I now have 2100 Facebook friends. And guess what? after visiting people's profiles, suddenly they are showing up in my newsfeed. Big surprise.

Why do I think less is better? Because Facebook has tweaked their algorithms so tight, they squeak. Let's face it, it is a social media site, so it wants you to be social with all your friends. If you have 5000, its impossible. Hell, even 2100 is crazy. But at least it is a more manageable number. If you want to get your books out there, and show up in people's feeds, then work within the parameters of certain sites and their strict rules and pick and choose wisely who you friend and follow.

For authors, I believe a good mix of fellow authors (in your genre or not, your decision) some bloggers, and some readers/reviewers. Before clicking "confirm friend" have a look at that person's profile. You can tell pretty quick if the person is genuinely interested in books or maybe you as an author or is just out to collect friends for the sake of it. If your creep alarm goes off, don't accept.

No where is it written you have to accept every request. At Tsu? They encourage you to friend everyone, you make more money that way! But since I couldn't care less about making pennies there, I am being very selective.

Also on Twitter. Talk about fake accounts, they're everywhere! I block most of them. However, I do know some authors accept everyone on Twitter and just ignore the feed. Whatever works for you. But in my mind, why be on social media if you aren't going to interact at some level? And in my mind, if you are going to interact, it should be on your terms. Do what is right for you. For me personally— less is better.

Is your friends and followers numbers getting out of hand? Thin the herd. I'm already glad I did.

Monday, January 5, 2015

TV REVIEW: What's Wrong With Sleepy Hollow? Everthing~ By @KarynGerrard #review

So, I finally made it through to the mid-season finale of Sleepy Hollow and I was filled with all kinds of meh.  *SPOILERS AHEAD*

I am not alone. The ratings reflect this. For a show that started out last season with 12 million viewers, they are now down to 5-6 million. How did this happen?

Sleepy Hollow has a great premise. A pseudo cop-procedural with a supernatural twist, wrapping the Legend of Sleepy Hollow around the narrative. Bringing back Ichabod Crane as a hunky, intellectual colonial war hero in high boots and flowing Jesus locks? Win!

Partner him with a spunky, non-nonsense woman cop with a dangerous, murky, supernatural background? Another win! Throw in a dash of romantic/sexual tension! What could go wrong?


First off, Ichabod has a wife. Katrina the witch. The character in my mind has brought nothing to this series. For such an all-powerful witch, she's useless. All she seems to be good at is being a damsel-in-distress, which has really become tedious.

Second, they ruined the headless horseman. I like the Brit actor Neil Jackson, but he should have been kept to flashbacks only (of which I think there should be more, love seeing the colonial backdrop. And Tom Mison in uniform? *drool*) Giving the headless horseman a voice, a head, and a pump-action shotgun is all kinds of wrong.

Third, they let the mythology take over the entire series. Personally, I would prefer if this followed the X-files formula (the early, best years) And Supernatural when at its best. Have the monster-of-the-week episodes, and address the mythology here and there with its own special episodes. This whole Moloch/demon thing has gone off the rails.(Supernatural had this problem with the whole Leviathan arc a couple of seasons ago, Thankfully, it righted itself the next season)

The more enjoyable episodes this season? When they stuck to a stand-alone stories like the Pied Piper or the Wendigo (The late sheriff's son, cool.) Why not keep the sheriff's son around? Nope. Same with the sweet girl who loves all things colonial and became Ichabod's friend. (her coffee mug says 'I ♥ the Founding Fathers') What do they do? Have her pop up now and then with a new frock coat for Ichabod and to add a little depth to the story? Hell no. Let's kill her off. Why? Makes no sense.

John Noble. I liked this guy in Lord of the Rings and Fringe (which also went off the rails, surprise, same guys who did Fringe, also do Sleepy Hollow) But I am not buying this whole 'son thing' in any shape or form. End. This. Story. Now. I wish they had kept him as a fatherly, eccentric professor-type go-to guy.

I'm at the end of my patience for this show. I only got this far because of Tom Mison, who you can tell is a brilliant actor and is head and shoulders above the material. Okay, I love his look and voice, too. He has a presence and his partnership with his 'Leftenant' It's solid.

Time to ditch "Mollusk", the old wrinkled son, the witch wife and get back to basics. I do like Matt Barr (left, the Charlie Hunnam lookalike) as Hawley and he would be a welcome addition to the fight. (eye candy aside) Same with Jenny, Abigail's sister. Every duo needs a circle of support. And why not slowly build a deeper relationship between Ichabod and Abigail? Interracial and inter-time travel romance? Fantastic! Men from the past make great heroes, romantic and other wise, I wish Sleepy Hollow would run with this.

And killing off Captain Irving? WTH? Of course, with this show it might not be permanent, but again, another interesting and wasted character.

Granted, all this is just my opinion, and its frustrating to watch a show that held such promise begin to circle the drain. I am really not sure if I am going to continue when it returns. And that's too bad.

Here's hoping Sleepy Hollow takes a new direction...and fast.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year, A New Direction (Again) And a New Focus by @KarynGerrard #Resolutions

First off, Happy New Year to everyone! I am not going to whine and pout about 2014, I am just glad to see the back of it, professionally and personally.

2015 will hold challenges in both those areas, forgive me if I focus on the professional and keep the personal to myself.

First off, I will no longer be referring to myself as an 'erotic romance author'. Not that this a big deal, every time I was referred to as an erotica writer, I would shake my head because to me, erotica is "Lick me, Teacher" which is all well and good, but not what I write. Then I realized everyone has their own idea about what the definition of erotica or erotic romance is.

Bottom line, I am dialling back the heat going forward. My romance writing will still sizzle, as I believe the emotional part of a romance is enhanced by the physical and vice-versa. So when I get back any books through rights-reversion, they will be re-written and re-edited and the heat turned back a notch a two. For me personally, its what I want to do and what I feel comfortable with. So this change is really only important to me, lol~

I will be forging ahead with self-pubbing this year and my plans to become a hybrid author, and a new historical novella will be coming Feb or March. I am not putting a firm release date on this, because I want to take it as it comes. Look for THE BARON AND THE MISTRESS coming soon.

The only other release I have on tap is BOLD SEDUCTION a historical from Kensington Publishing's digital line, Lyrical Press. Coming Sept 1, and they classified it under erotica which shows even publishers have different ideas about heat levels and classifications. (To me, this story is not erotica, whatever)

Its not easy out there, sales have flat-lined for a lot of people, even those in the top 1%, so many challenges lie ahead. I will continue to write for myself, keep my options open, and continue to set goals for myself (get signed by a New York publisher? Mission accomplished!) and continue to learn and improve my writing as I go.

For all my family and friends, readers, writers and bloggers, I wish only the very best for the new year.Good health and contentment for all!


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