Tuesday, March 10, 2020

NEWS: No Longer a Full-Time Writer, and it's all Good by @KarynGerrard #AmWriting #NewDirection

Burn out, baby...

I was first published in 2011. Now nine years later I have come full circle and am back to writing being a hobby.
Why? A lot of things happened to form a perfect storm starting with my editor leaving. But it started before that, and the incredible stress that I placed on myself. Being with a traditional publisher was not all that I thought it would be, nor was having an agent. Because there is such a 'cone of silence' over publishing in general, far be it for me to rip off that scab. But its an experience-been there, done that-sort of thing, and I'm done. I found deadlines too stressful.

When I fell seriously ill last summer, that was the straw-camel's back thing, I had to take stock. Now that I'm feeling at 80% and recovering still, what to do? First, Mr.G and I moved out of our small, northern, semi-insulated Canadian town and we are back home living close to family and civilization. The move, finding a house, and settling in is taking a lot of my time. In short, my life has changed and writing is not a top priority.

I achieved more than I thought possible, but when it came down to it, I wasn't enjoying it. I don't want to wind up like Bugs, breaking the same rocks over and over, feeling like I'm in a prison. I am off that merry-go-round--and relieved.

So what I am going to do going forward?

I've asked for the rights back to The Vicar's Frozen Heart, that way The Hornsby Brothers series will be in my control. The other 5 books with Kensington are staying put.

I am revising/expanding The Spinster and Mr. Glover.

I have an idea for a new historical series, reworking a couple of historicals that were returned to me a few years back, bringing The Baron and the Mistress into that world, and having a couple of new stories as well.

I will be working on revising The Wicked Men of Rockland City contemporary series. Book 1 is He's The Wicked Bad. Book 2 is His Wicked Celtic Kiss. Book 3 is written and all I need is write book 4.

I have a rock star novella. My Wicked Soul, that I am working on as well. See HERE for blurbs and covers.

All this will be when I get to it. No deadlines, no stress. No publishers or anything that ties to traditional publishing: I want to enjoy writing again.

All writers have their own path. I've changed mine. Change is good. I'm happy with the decisions I've made and am moving forward.  :)



  1. I write as a hobby only and have published just so I can print them out for my own amusement through Amazon. I couldn't even imagine trying to write with the pressure of deadlines or having someone tell me they don't like my story, to change it. The books to me are like my babies birthed from my imagination. I can totally understand where you are coming from to get out of that stress and enjoy your writing instead of like poor Bugs tap, tap, tapping away until your mind goes numb. Good luck and happy creating.

    1. thanks so much! Like I said, everyone has their own path, mine has changed and I'm good :)


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