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The Detective and the Baroness
The Chef and the Countess
The Doctor and the Duchess



Drew's Gamble 
by Karyn Gerrard
American Historical Western novella
(It's Never Too Late for Love Anthology Series)
Coming in 2025

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                               The Gangster and the Earl

By Karyn Gerrard

(Heroes of Time Travel Anthology #3)

KG Publishing coming in 2025 Approx 33,000 words

M/M Time Travel Fantasy novella


Kevan Masucci, a low-level gangster, worked as a collector and leg breaker for a local crime family. He preferred being alone, for who would want to live in his world? While doing his collection duties in an abandoned mill, a man appeared out of nowhere in a thunderbolt of light. Kevan believes in what he can see and touch, and this Regency-era hunk was real enough. Jon was a temptation that he couldn’t deny.


In 1821, Jonathan Devereaux, Earl of Darby, is desperately unhappy and living a lie. To publicly admit his desires could result in incarceration or death. When offered an opportunity to meet the man of his dreams, how can Jon refuse? Even if this ruggedly handsome man is from another place and time.


 Thanks to a supernatural amulet, there is a way to return to the past. But what awaits Jon in 1821 but loneliness and heartache? Finding happiness and love will be a challenge for Jon and Kevan in whatever era. But to them, it is a future worth fighting for.


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