Monday, September 11, 2017

Delay on Re-Releases for Several Books #SelfPub @KarynGerrard #Historical #Contemp

Yikes. I got the rights back for this book Dec 2016, and I wanted to revise and re-release it in under six months under my KG Publishing. Not going to happen.

Obviously any contracted books I have with a publisher (Kensington) must come first. I have to pass in book 2 manuscript Sept 15th. Book 3 is due March 1 2018. I think it best I get these two books written and passed in before I turn my attention to any self-publishing releases.

As a result it has caused a real pile of rights reversed e-books on my back burner. My back list has shrunk by nearly half. But these books need work (in some cases A LOT of work) and I am not going to rush it. Click HERE to see a complete list of my books that are no longer available.

After the Copper and the Madam? I had hoped to revise Knight of Christmas (my one and only Ellora's Cave release) for Fall 2017. Again, not going to happen. I have pushed it to Fall 2018.

Though I did fix the cover so it is ready to go! EC said I could use the same cover if I removed their logo (gladly!) I added the Victorian Xmas street light. Not bad, eh? Yes, it is a historical, hence his cravat.

This is a sizzling erotic romance, and I will be dialling down the heat to sensual since I do not write erotic any longer. I want to expand it a bit as well.

Again, I refuse to rush it.

After that? I have one other cover art I bought, I was going to use it for my Wicked Men of Rockland series, but I have decided I will be revising and seeing if my agent can shop it around first.

(Note to self: do not buy cover art until revisions are done and you are completely sure of your plans)

So what to do with this cover I bought? First, I removed the 'Wicked Men of Rockland' logo under the title.

Now I can use this for a short novella. I received rights back to 'Rock the Wolfe' from Decadent last year.

It is around 17,000 words, a rock star contemporary and it needs revising, editing, and expansion. So this is the third self-pubbing release in the queue.

After that? Also received the rights back to my free erotica. Again, I don't write this hot anymore, I will be able to ask for the sequel back this coming spring. So I will revise this short story, put it up as a free read the same time I am able to put up the sequel. I will be changing the titles from The Riding Crop and A Riding Crop for Two to something less BDSM-y. Again, this is a ways off. These two stories need major revising and editing.

Also, no immediate plans for my paranormal series. (Blackthorne Clan) If I do rework it, I will no doubt release under my other pen name (which is dormant at the moment) No idea on the release dates for any of this.

I refuse to stress myself out by spinning too many plates. But stay tuned, as I plan to release them as soon as I can give them my full attention. :)

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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