Books No Longer Available

Historical Romance
Kensington Publishing/Lyrical Press
Book 1 The Hornsby Brothers
40,000 words
      Sept 1,2015
right returned April 2019.
                               Republished July 2019 with KG Publishing                                                   

Release Date: March 13, 2018 SIX Victorian Historicals from USA TODAY and bestselling authors

Only available March to June 2018
BLACK SCAR (book 4 Blackthorne Clan)

Paranormal/Suspense/Erotic from Evernight Publishing
Release date: May 28 2013

Approx 31,000 words

Rights returned May 10th 2018. Book 4 in the paranormal series, No immediate plans.

A RIDING CROP FOR TWO (Riding Crop #2)

Historical/BDSM/Erotic Romance
Release: March 11 2013   Evernight Publishing

Approx 22,400

No longer available as of March 7 2018. Will be completely revised and re-released under another title at some point. but no immediate plans

BLACK HEART (Blackthorne Clan #3) ~Paranormal/Suspense/Erotic

Evernight Publishing  Release January 14 2013
Approx 29,000 words
Rights returned Jan 13, 2018
No immediate plans for a re-release


Enter the world of yesterday… Ten full-length historical and time travel romances by bestselling authors will take you from Ancient Egypt to the British Regency to the American West and more.

Timeless Heart was included in this

Only available Jan-July 2017 Now removed from vendors


Book 2 in The Wicked Men of Rockland series Crimson Romance
Length: 60,066 words  Release October 20 2014

Rec's rights back May 2017. Will be revising and re-releasing this story soon. Will keep the same title.
Used copies of the paperback may still be listed at some vendors.


(Book 2 Blackthorne Clan) Evernight Publishing ~April 25 2012  29,586 words ~novella  Paranormal/Erotic Romance

Rec'd rights reversal according to terms of contract May 2017. This is book 2 in a 4 book series. No immediate plans.



This free read was under 10,000 words and the rights have been returned to me as of May 2017. ON the back burner, no immediate plans.

Release Dec 19 2014

This was my one and only book with Ellora's Cave and it was a disappointment from start to finish.But it's back in my hands and I will release it again at some point. I can reuse the cover again if I wish. And I did. Rights returned Dec 31 2016.

Re-released on Sept 4 2018 with altered cover

NOTE: Ellora's Cave ceased business operations Dec 31 2016. Never did pay royalties owed to authors.


Contemporary/Category Spicy Romance from Crimson Romance
Release: April 15 2013 Approx 54,000 words

Rights reverted Nov 30, 2016.  Used copies of the paperback may still be listed at some vendors. Am working on a new version of this book, new title will be He's The Wicked Bad.


Book 3 in the Blind Cupid trilogy
Dec 10th 2013
Historical/Suspense/Erotic Romance
Length: approx 34,000 words

Rights reverted December 1 2016.  re-released in Nov 2017 by KG Publishing


With Decadent Publishing
Nov 19th 2013
Contemporary/Rebenesque/Erotic Romance
Length: Approx 17,000 words

Right reverted Nov 1st, 2016. This short story is on the back burner. Will re-release at some point after revisions. New title will be My Wicked Soul.

Release date Jan 11, 2016
Crimson Romance

                              Includes HIS WICKED CELTIC KISS

Was only available for a limited time. Removed from vendors on Oct 1 2016


Nov 18 2011
 From Evernight Publishing

Book 1 of the Blackthorne Clan series. Rights reverted Sept 6 2016. no immediate plans for re-release

HEART OF ROCK a re-release. Previously published last year for a few months from another pub (had to get my rights back)

Decadent Publishing: Contemporary/Erotic
Release July 12th 2013

No longer available as of July 1st 2016. Rights reversed according to contract. No immediate plans for this story.

THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING~ short story/holiday/contemporary

Evernight Publishing release December 13 2012
NOTE: this is a re-release/reissue of Christmas Memories

No longer available as of June 27th 2016. Revised and re-released October 2016 with KG Publishing with the same title. More than 13,000 added.

Book 2 in the Blind Cupid series
Approx 21,000 words
Release: May 14 2013

No no longer available as of May 1st (e-book only) The audio book is still available from Decadent. Re-released June 11 2016 with the same title with KG Publishing. More than 6000 words added.


Time Travel/Fantasy/Contemporary/  Decadent Publishing Release date April 9th 2013 to April 1st 2016

Re-released with KG Publishing July 2016. More than 8000 words added.

THE BLIND CUPID ~Historical/Cougar  Short story for THE EDGE line Decadent Publishing  release December 14 2012 to Dec 1 2015

This is the first story in The Blind Cupid Series, contract was up, rights reverted. Re-released as The Spinster and Mr. Glover and more than 7500 words added. Released across all vendors On Dec 7, 2015

Decadent Publishing-From Sept 2014-Dec 2015

Contract was up for The Blind Cupid #1 in (Blind Cupid series) so this anthology had to come down.
(Contains the stories, The Blind Cupid, The Governess and the Beast, and The Copper and the Madam) However, the POD is still listed at Amazon, though not available.

MY VAMPIRE COVER MODEL~ Paranormal/Fantasy/Contemporary~ Decadent Publishing from August 2012 until July 2015

Contract was up, requested reversal of rights.
 It will have revisions and a new edit. So for now, on the back burner.  UPDATE: No immediate plans for this book.

SUMMER HEAT BOX SET Published Aug 2014-March 2015
Crimson Romance
The Wicked Bad was included in this set
Was only available for a limited time. (6 months)

Taken down from vendors April 2015

TIMELESS LOVE -Published April 2012
Evernight Publishing
Requested Rights back Jan 2015.

No immediate plans for this story

TIMELESS HEART -Published May 2011
Evernight Publishing
Requested rights back Jan 2015

Revised, re-edited more than 7500 words added. Re-released at Amazon June 15th 2015. Released wide Dec 2015.

THE HERO SANDWICH ~co-written with Gayl Taylor.

Published Nov 2012 Breathless Press
Requested rights back May 2014.

Offered contract in August by Decadent Publishing. Called WILD PITCH and released in their 1NS series. Released Oct 3 2014.
Major edit and change in the ending. No longer affiliated with this publisher.

NOTE: As of May 1, 2015, Breathless Press is no longer in business


Published Dec 2011 with Silver Publishing
Removed from publication Oct 2012 and rights returned to me from publisher due to contract violations. (on their end)

Now published as THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING with Evernight Publishing Dec 2012.
No significant edit done to change the story.


Published June 2012 with Silver Publishing
Removed from publication Oct 2012 and rights returned to me from publisher due to contract violations. (on their end)

Now published as HEART OF ROCK with Decadent Publishing July 2013
over 5000 words added to the story.

NOTE:  As of May 1, 2014, Silver Publishing is no longer in business. Owner did a runner with author royalties.

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