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New Titles For The Men Of Wollstonecraft Hall #ComingSoon in 2018 @KarynGerrard #Historical

What am I working on? The Men of Wollstonecraft Hall! (3 book historical series) There are some title changes, read below:

Handsome, vibrant, and distantly related to an infamous family, the men of Wollstonecraft Hall share one tragic failing; women who become romantically entangled with them meet premature deaths. Society claims the men are cursed and only finding a true, passionate love will break the cycle of tragedy. Will they be doomed to live alone...or will the curse finally be broken?

A sensual historical series set in the mid-Victorian age, my series will center on a family of men consisting of:

Book One: Riordan Wollstonecraft, age 26 (father Julian Wollstonecraft, age 45, Viscount Tensbridge)

Book Two: Garrett Wollstonecraft age 32 (father Oliver Wollstonecraft, Earl of Carnstone, age 64. Garrett is the younger half-brother to Julian.

Book Three: Aidan Wollstonecraft, age 26, (oldest twin, father Julian Wollstonecraft, and heir to the earldom.)

I originally envisioned the titles being the hero's first name, but Kensington Publishing had other ideas. Actually, I like the titles I came up with better .

Book One: Marriage With a Proper Stranger (Riordan's story)  release Feb 2018

Book Two: Scandal with a Sinful Scot (Garrett's story)  release June 2018

Book Three: Love with a Notorious Rake (Aidan's Story)  release Dec 2018

And Julian and Oliver will be heavily featured with their own subplots

Above is the muse for Garrett, from Book 2, which I am writing now. Over 50,000 words and coming down the home stretch. Also a cool thing about my heroes? They are champions of progressive causes!

And here is the blurb for Marriage With a Proper Stranger!

“Build a wall about your heart.”

Riordan Wollstonecraft labors under the heavy burden of his forebears. For generations, a curse has followed the dashing young men of his family, guaranteeing the women they love an untimely death.  The youngest grandson of the Earl of Wollstonecraft Hall, charismatic Riordan is quietly resigned to his fate, an educator who devotes his life to good works, and ignores any longing for something more . . .

Widowed and penniless, Lady Sabrina Lakeside is desperate to avoid a second forced betrothal—this time to an aged marquess. Her chance encounter with Riordan leads her to an impulsive offer: a temporary marriage of convenience that could benefit them both. His agreement is as surprising as it is welcome. Before long, Riordan’s keen intellect and kind words have Sabrina rethinking her plans of a union in name only. But her new husband is holding something back. Will giving in to their tantalizing passion lead her only to further heartache . . . or could it be the first step toward healing them both?

It's up for pre-order, though there is no cover or blurb posted as yet

Karyn Gerrard, born and raised in the Maritime Provinces of Eastern Canada, now makes her home in a small town in Northwestern Ontario. When she’s not cheering on the Red Sox or travelling in the summer with her teacher husband, she writes, reads romance, and drinks copious amounts of Earl Grey tea. 

 Even at a young age Karyn’s storytelling skills were apparent, thrilling her fellow Girl Guides with off-the-cuff horror stories around the campfire. A multi-published author, she loves to write sensual historicals, particularly in the Victorian era. She also writes contemporaries. Tortured heroes are an absolute must. 

 As long as she can avoid being hit by a runaway moose in her wilderness paradise she assumes everything is golden. Karyn’s been happily married for a long time to her own hero. His encouragement and loving support keeps her moving forward.

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