Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Best-Seller! The Governess and the Beast and The Blind Cupid!

I had to share. When you have two books in the top 5 of a category, yeah, its a thrill.  This is at All Romance. The Blind Cupid already was a best-seller in this category, how great to see it back again!  I will enjoy this while it lasts~ :)

This is my Blind Cupid series with Decadent Publishing. My Victorian era historical. When I submitted The Blind Cupid (short story) for Decadent's The Edge line, I never dreamed it would spawn more stories.

The Governess and the Beast is Book 2 and I have just submitted the third and final book of this series. Fingers crossed.

Check out The Governess and the Beast at All Romance

Check out The Blind Cupid at All Romance



  1. hi my friend!
    I finished your new one and I love it,did remaind me on your sim story! No wonder tey sell so well,they are so wonderful written and I can picture them so well!Thank you for another wonderful book!Have a wonderful day!TC Irmtraut

    1. so glad you enjoyed it Irmtraut, and thanks about the well written part, that means a lot! Cheers mate, and watch the mail, your envelope is on its way! ♥

    2. hi,my friend,you very much welcome!Can't wait to get it here,I belive it will take some weeks!I let you know when it's here!TC Irmtraut


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