Monday, November 19, 2012

COVER ART REVEAL! My Highlander Cover Model~

I just received my cover art package for MY HIGHLANDER COVER MODEL, which means edits can't be too far behind! I assume this will release in early 2013.

This is a time travel/fantasy/erotic romance~ novella  This is pure fantasy all the way, hope you will come along for the ride!

ART by Fantasia Frog Designs

Here is the unofficial blurb:

Skye Bancroft is a hard-working assistant art director at Night Moon Publishers. Dealing with the occasional spoiled and egocentric model is part of her job description. She did not count on one so delusional to think he was a Scotsman from the highlands of 1814.

Cailin Thorburn is every woman’s dream—a highland warrior, fierce, passionate and wields a very large sword.  Rendered unconscious during battle, he awakens in another place, time, and seemingly in another man’s body. Was it all a dream? His convincing the bonnie lass, Skye, he is Cailin, the highland warrior, and not a pampered cover model is a daunting task.

Can an extraordinary man from another world prove he is who he claims? Will their attraction be enough or is Cailin just a highlander cover model?


  1. Hi my friend!
    Sounds a bit like two of your other once,great! I can't wait,I loved them,so for sure I will this one! Oh,can you remember your vicar story?(I hope I spelld that right)That one from TSR,that was great but I think a remake would be even better!
    Or any other from that time anyway! Love your work! Hugs Irmtraut

    1. Hi Irmtraut, it is nothing like the other two, only that it is a time travel, :D Oh yeah, the vicar story! It is certainly something to consider, great idea! thanks for commenting and your support! Cheers mate!


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