FREE READ: Epilogue to The Wicked Bad (Wicked Men of Rockland #1)

NOTE AS OF JAN 7, 2017 

The Wicked Bad (book #1) is unavailable. The rights were returned to me as per the contract I signed with Crimson Romance. 

The second book (His Wicked Celtic Kiss) is also no longer available. Rights have been returned as per the contract.

This epilogue mentioned in book 2 (the link that brought you here), is also no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This series WILL continue. I have the third book written. So yes, there WILL be more Wicked Men of Rockland coming sometime soon. 

NEW NAME OF SERIES: Wicked Men of Rockland City


  1. Oh shiiit!
    Loved this, the Sims 2, the pics. So I read it before the book, hey, I am a back to front kinda a person. I had fully intended to read the book when I was on holiday but alas, the old family croft had plans for me (cutting trees and digging drains). Then my mum took a stroke and I was again busy busy busy. Now that things have settled down I plan on catching up with all my books yet to read, starting with yours. I do love a hot romance with the bad boys.

    1. Well, I hope you enjoy The Wicked Bad, Iron Mum! Sounds like you've been busy! Cheers and hugs!

  2. beckycumberland@cox.netNovember 10, 2014 at 9:27 PM

    OMG I LOVE THIS WICKED BAD!!! I found this first book in a box set. It was so good that I bought the second one. I almost stayed up 24 hours reading them. I love the story and with just enough sex. You are a really good writer and I am looking forward to seeing what you have Comming up next. I even looked and bought some of the historic stories which I normally don't like. Thankyou for these books. They are very good. I can't express to you the joy they gave me. Thank you
    Becky in Gilbert Arizona USA


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