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NOTE AS OF JAN 7, 2017, The Wicked Bad (book #1) is temporarily unavailable. The rights were returned to me as per the contract I signed with Crimson Romance. The second book is still available (His Wicked Celtic Kiss) But I will be eligible to get the rights back on this hopefully spring 2017.
This series WILL continue. I have the third book written. The Wicked Bad needs a major revision, then we will see if my agent can shop this series. If not, no fear, I will self-pub it. So Yes, there WILL be more Wicked Men of Rockland coming sometime soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

EPILOGUE TO THE WICKED BAD (with a little help from The Sims 2 game)

*Takes place Christmas night after Lorcan leaves the bar in HIS WICKED CELTIC KISS* (Wicked Men of Rockland #2)

Christmas night and Lorcan Byrne had just left. After sharing a few drinks and doling out advice whether Lorcan wanted to hear it or not, Nick offered to close up the bar and his final chore was taking the inventory of the stock in the storage room. He'd given Lorcan a lot to think about. And himself, too. The quiet and the mundane task allowed  to reflect. Hope Lorcan gets his happy ending. The time had come to shore up his own.
He and Ronnie had been living together over five months. He'd thought he would hate it, wasn't used to sharing anything with a person, especially his heart. But Veronica Barnes made it easy for him to open up and allow himself to feel. Be vulnerable. Allow his passion to fly free. To love without reservation. To be true friends. And lovers. 
During intimate moments, they'd mentioned marriage and kids and a future together. Damn. He'd always pegged himself as never being that guy with the white picket fence and the Chevy in the driveway. The realization struck him, he wanted it all, and he wanted it with Ronnie Barnes.
He tossed his leather jacket over his shoulder and about to kill the lights when a blast of rock music interrupted his thoughts. What in the fuck?
The opening beat of Wild Thing by The Troggs filled the air. He sprinted from the room into the main part of the bar. Flashing strobe lights temporarily blinded him. His coat slipped to the floor.
“Hey! We’re closed! We....” Nick’s jaw dropped.  A scantily clad woman danced on the large center stage.
It took a moment for his eyes to focus, but when they did, they were rewarded with the sensual sight dancing before him. His gaze scanned the whole long length of her. Jesus, he hardened immediately. Gorgeous curves and the woman wore that white lacy lingerie shit he loved so much. His mouth went dry.

Ronnie. Dancing. Suggestively.
Nick watched as she expertly moved those hips, thrusting and arching in such a way sweat broke out behind his balls.
How did she get in? Must have used his spare keys. He wanted her. Now. It took all his control not to leap onto the stage and take her up against the cage. He shifted his stance, his jeans suddenly tight. The blood roared to all parts of his body. Nick wanted her in the most carnal, base, and wild way. Yeah, wild thing.
Ronnie gave him a triumphant and sexy smile as she clasped the pole, expertly sliding up and down. Her blonde hair hung loose and she snapped her head back as she twirled around the pole, her hair falling in sexy waves about her shoulders. She wore a white garter and stockings with a matching push-up bra. A tiny lace thong barely covered her in the front, and as she spun, her lush ass was completely exposed for his viewing pleasure. Stunning, gorgeous woman. His.

His. This just solidified the decision he’d made anyway. Ronnie Barnes was everything he wanted in a woman. A slow smile spread across his face. Nick wanted her to be his. Forever. No one else’s. Ever. 
When he and Ronnie first hooked up, she'd been reticent and a little inexperienced sex wise. She'd come a long way, baby. Look at her now, flaunting her sensual curves. He loved it—he loved her. Completely and without reservations.
Nick cheered her on with accompanying wolf whistles, and when she bent backward, her hands behind her and hips thrusting upward, he almost lost it. Oh, did he have some ideas for that position. He wanted to tear off her bra with his teeth. Ronnie trailed her hands seductively over her breasts, down to that little triangle of lace between her legs and back up again.
When the song ended, he applauded enthusiastically. Jesus, if she wasn't his...he’d hire her. But no one would see her dance like this ever. No one but him.

Nick bounded onto the stage and pulled her against him. He nibbled on her neck while he thrust his hardened body next to the flimsy piece of lace.
“See?” He groaned. “See what you do to me, what you always do to me. Jesus, baby. That dance.”
“You liked it then?” She smiled.
He grabbed her lush ass and pulled her in tight against his erection. “Yeah, feel? Hard as a rock, only for you. I loved it. If you danced for me every night, I would be a happy man.”
Ronnie’s eyes softened, filled with such love he thought he would lose it—as in emotionally. She loved him and it rocked his world. He hadn't planned on doing this until New Year’s Eve, but hell—why wait? He lowered on one knee in front of her. He reached in his coat pocket and pulled out the small blue velvet box.
“Nick...wh...what are you doing?”

“Take it, baby. Take it all. My heart, my soul, my life. The very air I breathe. Take me as I am. Make me the man I deserve to be. The man you deserve. Love me.” Nick snapped open the box. The strobe lights caught the reflection of the rather large diamond winking lovingly in the glare. Ronnie gasped and it ended on a squeal of utter delight. Tears trailed down her cheeks. Damn it, he had a lump in his throat, his own eyes grew moist.
“Nick. Oh, yes. To everything. I love you so much.”

He stood and slipped the ring on her finger. Ronnie jumped into his embrace, the box clattered on the floor at their feet. They were joined now, ball and chain be damned. Nick didn't care, he got used to dragging the fucking thing around behind him. He gloried in it. Reveled in it.

And he would love her until he died.


  1. Oh shiiit!
    Loved this, the Sims 2, the pics. So I read it before the book, hey, I am a back to front kinda a person. I had fully intended to read the book when I was on holiday but alas, the old family croft had plans for me (cutting trees and digging drains). Then my mum took a stroke and I was again busy busy busy. Now that things have settled down I plan on catching up with all my books yet to read, starting with yours. I do love a hot romance with the bad boys.

    1. Well, I hope you enjoy The Wicked Bad, Iron Mum! Sounds like you've been busy! Cheers and hugs!

  2. beckycumberland@cox.netNovember 10, 2014 at 7:27 PM

    OMG I LOVE THIS WICKED BAD!!! I found this first book in a box set. It was so good that I bought the second one. I almost stayed up 24 hours reading them. I love the story and with just enough sex. You are a really good writer and I am looking forward to seeing what you have Comming up next. I even looked and bought some of the historic stories which I normally don't like. Thankyou for these books. They are very good. I can't express to you the joy they gave me. Thank you
    Becky in Gilbert Arizona USA

    1. thanks so much,Becky, I sent you an email! :)


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