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NEW SERIES COMING IN 2025! The Duke's Bastards by Karyn Gerrard #HistoricalRomance #DragonbladePublishing


I have been happily self-publishing for nearly five years, writing at my own pace. I hate deadlines. So, when I was approached by the owner of Dragonblade Publishing, a boutique publisher (and I am sure many other historical romance authors were as well, judging by the announcements), I asked many questions and gave it a lot of thought. My last foray into traditional (trad) publishing was somewhat disappointing. Some (not all!) of my experiences with digital publishers weren't all that great, either.

I am in my early sixties now, and I'm wondering how much longer I'll be doing this writing thing. So why not have one last kick at the can? My teacher husband is retired, and I like writing at my leisure. Regardless, I signed on the dotted line. Having contracts and deadlines again makes me 😬, but I'll give it a go. I just turned in book 1 and am already well into book 2.

Here is the announcement at Publisher's Marketplace.

 The Duke's Bastards is a spinoff of The Rakes of St. Regent's Park series. If you read Book 5, The Not So Perfect Duke, I springboard from that subplot about the late Duke's illegitimate children. The hero in Book 1 appeared in Books 5 and 6 of The Rakes. The hero of Book 3? He was the small boy who appeared in The Vicar's Frozen Heart. (The Hornsby Brothers #2)

Will I regret this decision? Time will tell. I hope to rework The Men of Wollstonecraft Hall series someday, but with these contracts, that is farther down the road.

So, when will these books be released?

Book 1: The Detective and the Baroness   January 3, 2025 *

Book 2:  The Chef and the Countess          April 4, 2025

Book 3: The Doctor and the Duchess         July 8, 2025

*release dates are subject to change

Off to write! Cheers!

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