Monday, May 1, 2017

His Wicked Celtic Kiss: No Longer Available Very Soon #RightsReversal @KarynGerrard Plus More!

My backlist will be shrinking by several more books in the next few weeks. I have asked for at least 3 back from Evernight Publishing (not sure I will get them all) and I just received the reversal letter from Crimson Romance For HIS WICKED CELTIC KISS (book #2 of The Wicked Men of Rockland)

So what happens next? It will take a couple of weeks for KISS to come down from all vendors. So grab it up if you wish.

This will also severe my ties with this publisher. Since they were just bought by Simon and Schuster, why didn't I stay on? There were positives and negatives to be sure. (mostly positives)
I got sidetracked by writing historicals for a couple of years. Also real life issues. A number of things.

So what is up for The Wicked Men of Rockland?

Major revisions for book 1, slightly less for book 2, book 3 is written (needs editing). Plotting book 4. Then we will see if my agent can raise any interest with another publisher. There are pubs that take previously published, now more than ever.

But first, I have to finish my contract work for Kensington Publishing. Two more books to write! Also there are self-pubbed projects backing up. I want to get THE COPPER AND THE MADAM out there in the next few months. Also revise KNIGHT OF CHRISTMAS and release in the fall.

A lot on my plate. But, I have set my priorities and working at my own pace. If I can't get to Knight of Christmas, it will wait until next year. Simple. I can only do so much, and with me about to start physio on my wrist, I have to slow things down.

Also a moment of truth, last year's book sales were abysmal. And with even more backlist coming down, they will drop further. But, I didn't start this with the expectation of making big money, so I feel no pressure to have multiple releases in the span of a few months. Following my own path, doing it my way.

Still enjoy the writing, so onward!


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