Tuesday, December 6, 2016

NO LONGER AVAILABLE: The Wicked Bad by @KarynGerrard #RightsReversal #Revisions #ContemporarySeries

Always liked this cover.

I received the rights back to THE WICKED BAD (Book 1 of The Wicked Men of Rockland) It should be down at most vendors by now. One thing I don't like about POD (Print on Demand) even after you get the rights back, used copies are for sale on Amazon until the zombie apocalypse!

 Book 2 is still with the publisher (Crimson Romance) and I hope to get it back this coming spring.

The Wicked Bad was my first longer work and released in the Spicy line. I do not write erotic any longer so this needs revisions. Didn't get much of an edit, which means it needs major revisions. It sold very well.

I will be changing the title slightly since it will have major revisions, to HE'S THE WICKED BAD, or something similar. I thought I would self-publish it. Now I may look at other options (like publishers who take previous published stories) who knows? I'm in no hurry.

Lots of time to work it out.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for this series returning in one form or another.


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