Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ellora's Cave and Knight of Christmas: A Parting of the Ways at Last by @KarynGerrard #unpaidroyalties

I haven`t been paid for Knight of Christmas published with Ellora`s Cave (Dec 2014) since June 2015.

It is my one and only title with them, and what do they owe me? I`ve never promoted the book. Tried to forget it existed. Maybe 50.00? So I asked for my rights back as per the contract I signed in good faith (which they didn't) But it would be Feb 2017 or later before I get my rights back.

Since the letter from Ellora's Cave (check it out HERE at Virginia Nelson's Blog) I had a decision to make: Get my rights back Dec 31st and forgo my more-than-a-year-late royalties, or hang on and let them revert according to contract and watch my mailbox for a cheque (lol)

After some thought, I decided I wanted to be free and clear of Ellora's Cave or EC for Books,   whatever they are calling themselves. Reading that letter from the owner convinced me all the more to take my book and hit the bricks running. I do not want to get caught up in a possible bankruptcy scenario.

My God, what hubris. They haven't paid authors in over a year but they are the victims? Thanks to Ellora's Cave, it soured me toward writing erotic romance and for submitting to small digital e-pubs. For the most part, I will be self-publishing from now on.

Will they close? Who knows, they could pull a Samhain Publishing and reverse their statement about closing. My opinion? I don't trust anything or anyone connected with EC. I'll cut my losses and move on. Each author has their own decision to make and I wish them well.

What should have been a rewarding experience (at one time, getting accepted at EC was a real feather in an erotic romance author's cap) turned out to be a drama-filled exercise in disappointment.

Putting it behind me. As for Knight of Christmas, it only got one round of edits. It needs to be revised, I will be cutting back the heat, and will add it to my to-do list. Look for it autumn, Published under my own company, KG Publishing.

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  1. And to think, I was so upset when my first book got turned down by them. It was a blessing in disguise.


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