Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Black Lust No Longer Available: by Karyn Gerrard @KarynGerrard #Paranormal #RightsReversal


Lucius Black lives a debauched and wild nightlife. Being a ‘Quarter’ (1/4 vampire), blood and sex are what he is. However, his existence wears thin after a century of hedonistic pleasure.
Trevina Patterson lives a quiet, happy life running a hair salon in a village on the east coast of the United Kingdom. It was a perfect life and all she could ask for, until a chance encounter with Lucius Black.

What was it about him that was so unsettling and yet so attractive?

For Lucius, no woman had ever been enough, until Trevina. She awakened in him feelings he had not thought possible. Passions considered by him to be little more than vampiric mythology. She awakened lust.
This was originally released Nov 2011 with Evernight Publishing. I now have the rights back, and at the time of this writing, it should be down at most e-retailers.
It was my second book ever published and it spawned three others in the series. Then I kind of lost interest in paranormals, reading and writing them. I decided to take my writing in another direction. 
With regards to this series, I have one manuscript finished on my computer (book 5 of this series) and half of book six written.
To say this needs a major overhaul is an understatement. My writing has changed 2011. As I slowly get back the rights to the other three books, hopefully next year, this series will be re-done with new titles and will eventually be re-released under my second pen name. 
Until then, books 2-4 are still available, and you don't really need to read Black Lust to jump in. :)

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