Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NEWS! Three Contracts from Kensington Publishing! @KarynGerrard #Historicals #Squee

I am certainly in shock. On my recent author anniversary post, I stated I wanted to seek out validation for my writing, (everyone has their own idea of what that entails) and coming from a publisher based in New York, this certainly is validation in my eyes. The contracts are all for historicals, which will be my main genre going forward. Three contracts. I am stunned.

First contract is for VICAR WITH THE FROZEN HEART (working title). Bold Seduction, which releases Sept 1 with Kensington, is now a series, and this new book is #2. Tentative release is March 2016.

Second contract is for BELOVED MONSTER and is like nothing I've ever written before. Take a Victorian era romance, add a dash of Gothic with elements of Frankenstein and The Picture of Dorian Gray and sprinkle it with Beauty and Beast. Kensington liked it and asked for a second book. Tentative release for Beloved Monster is Sept 2016.

Third contract is for book 2 in the Beloved Monster series and unwritten. Tentative release will be in early 2017 I surmise. This will be a challenge as I have never signed a contract for an unwritten book. I'll have deadlines. Yikes!

It seems I have moved from a 'hobbist' writer to a full-time profession and I couldn't be more pleased! And maybe a tiny bit apprehensive.
The releases will all be in digital form with Kensington Publishing's digital line, Lyrical Press, though Beloved Monster and its sequel will also be available simultaneously in Print on Demand (POD)

Things are moving in new and interesting directions, Kensington also expressed an interest later for Book #3 in my "Hornsby Brothers" series. (yet to be written) So I have a lot on my plate.

Since I am also now a hybrid author and started my own business, I joined the RWA (Romance Writers of America) and can write off my dues as a business expense! (I am so cheap) Not sure how this will benefit me as there are few chapters in Canada and none near me, also I live in a small community far away in moose country, so attending conferences will be next to impossible. But, I've taken the plunge.

With this and upcoming re-releases on tap, the next couple of years will be busy but I hope—ultimately satisfying.

So, forgive me for a OMG squeeeee!



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