Wednesday, April 10, 2013

AMAZON PRE-ORDER LINK UP for The Wicked Bad from Crimson Romance!

I am a little nervous and excited over this release. Not only is it a new publisher, but a new path for me.
The Wicked Bad is my first category-type romance. Also my first novel length (approx 55,000)

CATEGORY ROMANCE: The term "category romance" derives from the fact that the books are published in clearly delineated categories, with a certain number of books being published in each category every month.

The category The Wicked Bad comes under? Crimson Romance's SPICY line. Yes, the love scenes are hot. *sizzle*


Great price as well! Buy it NOW!! 


  1. Nice to meet a Canadian writer, I'm a Canadian reader, I live in Quebec!

    1. Fantastic! I am originally from Nova Scotia, nice to meet you! I set a lot of my books in Canada~

  2. Hi my friend,I just finished your new one now,it's so great,I know Ronny and Nick from before and it's so great what you done with them,changed them just that much,that it goes so well to fit!And Lorcan,yes,you know I really like him,I wander what happends to him and Julie,well no in fact I know what will happend,could be another one,I gess!Thank you so much for all the wonderful writing!!!!!!!Have a wonderful day,my friend TC Irmtraut

    1. Thanks Irmtraut, I am so glad you liked this story. I am toying with the idea of Lorcan's story next! :) Thanks again for letting me know you liked it, you made my day! *hugs*


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