Monday, March 4, 2013

I'M IN PRINT! TIMELESS HEARTS now available~Evernight Pub

I think every writer dreams of being in print. Okay, this is POD (Print on Demand) No, I do not have a big display in a bookstore. You have to order it on-line at Amazon. But, whatever and however I got there—I'M IN PRINT! I can order my book TIMELESS HEARTS (Volume 1) and put it on my shelf! So can a handful of friends and family (Probably the only ones who will buy it, lol~)

That doesn't matter to me. To hold physical proof in your hand of your writing labors is a thrill. No mistake.

Both my time travels (Timeless Heart and Timeless Love) are in one book. Even though it says Vol 1, at this point in time (no pun intended) There are no more planned. But, I never say never about anything in the writing biz.

You can order it HERE. No, it is not exactly cheap. POD usually isn't. But seeing a paperback can set you back 10.00 or more, 12.99 is not bad, I suppose.

I also hear my upcoming release with Crimson Romance THE WICKED BAD, will also be offered in POD a few months after its ebook release. Two books in cup runneth over.


  1. that is so great to hear!!!!!!!!!
    I will have a look for it,you can be proud of yourself.You come a great way,you always a wonderful storyteller and you desurve it!!!!
    Have a wonderful day my friend Irmtraut

    1. Thanks so much Irmtraut! It is only available at as a PRINT ON DEMAND. Which means its not available in bookstores, only through order at Amazon. Your kind words mean so much, thank you!!!


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