Friday, February 1, 2013

NEW CONTRACT~NEW PUBLISHER! The Wicked Bad from Crimson Romance!

The new year is off to a great start! I made a few new years resolutions regarding my writing and one of them was to branch out and expand my reach with new publishers.

Done! I am pleased to announce my first novel-length manuscript has been accepted by Crimson Romance! Contract signed!

THE WICKED BAD is coming soon!

I am guessing this will be under Crimson's SPICY line, however this is more of a mainstream romance than any of my previous releases. It is about 54,000 words, my longest yet.

This story has been with me a long time and has under gone many edits.  So glad it has found a home.

What is it about? Biker meets baker. Nick Crocetti is 'the wicked bad' in looks and demeanor. Imposing, brooding and a loner, no one gets close to Nick.

Veronica "Ronnie" Barnes has returned home after ten years to make a new start. Newly divorced, she realizes a life long dream to open her own bakery.

Nick sees one of her grand opening flyers. He remembers Ronnie from high school. Though they never spoke, he had admired her from afar. Is Ronnie one of those good girls that like to rub up against, 'the wicked bad'?

 How long has this story been with me? I created the skeleton of this story 3-4 years ago in my Sims 2 game. A shot of Nick and Ronnie.

I will keep you updated on the progress! I had better get off my duff and finish the sequel!



  1. Oh my God, oh my god... jumps up and down on my chair.
    I loved that couple. I'm so looking forward to getting my hands on this, Nick was sooo hot.

    Ah, the memories that little pic brought back.

    1. Iron mum, THANK YOU!! This went through so many edits, two rejections, more edits, I am thrilled it found a home!

      Nick and Veronica in essence are the same characters, but it is set in the present day with extra stuff added and some taken out. Lorcan Byrne is a secondary character,and the De Luca's are mentioned, so there is potential here for a lot of books to come!

      Also, since this is with a bigger publisher, it will be available in Print a couple of months after the ebook release, isn't that just so cool! SQUUUEEEEE! Thanks for commenting mate!

  2. Oh shit... Lorcan, De Luca's...possibly more books!


    Getting really excited now, all hot and bothered...wait, is it a hot definitely excitement. Will be keeping an eye out for this and more.

    Congratulations on the print version.

    1. LOL! The characters will be sort of the same, but not quite. And as far as print, it is POD (print on demand) which means it won't be in your local bookstore, BUT you can order it on Amazon (for example) and they will send a print copy. It will be the bigger paperback so the price will be a little more than a small paperback. Cool to have the option!

      Cheers for your support. I am thrilled these characters will live on~


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