Friday, November 11, 2011


Gearing up for my upcoming two releases from Evernight Publishing and Silver Publishing. I have been contacting some fellow bloggers and as always, they are generously offering to host my tour! I am also going to try something different. I signed up for a blog stop promo package at Sizzling Hot Book Promotions.

Here is what I have so far, dates are subject to change: Will post links when I have them.

Nov 18- Black Lust from Evernight Publishing is released London Saint James, fellow Evernight author will host an interview and giveaway for Black Lust

Nov 24- Paranormal Suspense Romance will post a book except/blurb and I will be offering a giveaway for Black Lust.

Nov 28-Bitten by Paranormal Romance will host a book promo and giveaway for Black Lust

Dec 7-Ronda, Queentutts will host a interview and giveaway for Black Lust. She will also be reviewing it *chews nails*

Dec 11- Reading Romances is having a blog hop, interview and giveaways on both my releases, reviews will follow~

Dec 18- Christmas Memories from Silver Publishing is released

Dec 21-Sizzling Hot Book Reviews. I will be part of their Christmas Bash, promo for Christmas Memories.

Dec 22- Shannan Albright, fellow Evernight author will host me for an interview, discuss both releases and I will no doubt do a giveaway on one of my releases.

Dec 23-C.R. Moss, fellow Evernight Author will host me for an interview, discuss both releases and no doubt I will offer a giveaway on one of the books.



21 – Guest Blog @ Hesperia Loves Books *Giveaway*

22 – Interview @ Lindsay’s Scribblings

23 – Interview @ You Gotta Read

26 – Book Spotlight @ Everyday is an Adventure *Giveaway*

28 – Interview @ Sexy Blogger


1 – Book Spotlight @ Books-n-Kisses *Giveaway*

2 – Interview @ Ella Jade

3 – Book Spotlight @ Love to Read for Fun

So what will all this flogging and pimping accomplish? My goal is to get my name out there, introduce myself to people who have never heard of me. And sell a few books along the way would be nice. If you want to be published I firmly believe promoting yourself and your books is an absolute must. I am not that interesting, and maybe a touch shy in the best of circumstances. However writing any book regardless of the length, finishing it, submitting it and having it published sends all shyness and any apprehensions out the window. Ready, set...start promoting!

I apologize in advance for the upcoming excessive tweets and postings~

Cheers have a great weekend~

Next week: I will shine the Spotlight on Evernight and some of the authors and their books!


  1. ~ I was wondering if there is anyway of me reading these,I do not have Kindle,but I did hear there was a program for the PC to read E-books!
    ~ I have loved your writing style for many years now,& would love to continue!Karima(",)

  2. Hi Aussie, sorry I didn't answer sooner, was not on the computer this weekend.

    You do not need a kindle or other e-reader to read ebooks. If you have adobe reader or adobe digital editions,(free downloads) you can read any Epub, PDF e-book on your computer.

    If you buy directly from the publisher (like Evernight for example) they offer PDF files for the ebooks, so do other ebook distributors (see list on right on where to buy Timeless Heart doe example)

    Thanks so much for the lovely words, means a lot! If you read any of my ebooks, let me know what you think! Cheers~

  3. I meant 'for' example, not 'doe' example, I'm not awak yet!


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