Saturday, September 24, 2011


Evernight Publishing is one year old!! YAY! *throws confetti*

Some of the Evernight Authors are having a blog hop to celebrate one year of fantastic reads!


There are three big prizes being offered from Evernight.

1.  Kindle E-reader
2.  50.00 U.S. (via paypal)
3.  40.00 Evernight Gift Certificate.


Here's the plan, you MUST leave a comment on participating blogs with your email address in the body of the comment. Three people will be chosen from ALL the participating blog comments so the more blogs you visit and leave comments on, the greater your chance to win!!

Evernight is also picking one name from each blog's comments and that person will win a 5.00 Evernight Gift Certificate!

So you ask, just what am I offering? I ask you do the following. Become a follower of this site, (or let me know if you are already) leave your email address and tell me what you think of the cover of my upcoming December paranormal release with Evernight, 'BLACK LUST'.

BLACK LUST is the first novella of what I hope will be a trilogy. Let me know what you think and you will be entered to win a PDF copy of my debut release. TIMELESS HEART.  (Time Travel/Erotic Romance) And you also will be entered in the prizes mentioned above from Evernight! Scroll down to the linky and click on the next blog. Remember, the more comments you leave, the more you are entered.

BEST OF LUCK!!! Evernight has a bright future ahead and I am pleased to be part of a talented group of authors~

                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERNIGHT!!


  1. Excellent post, Karyn! Used it as an outline for mine, copied some. Hope you don't mind. This is my first blog hop. :-)

  2. I think you have one super-sexy cover model! LOL I'm looking forward for that release!

  3. Wow, I love the book cover, so sexy and looks steamy. Makes me want to dive into the book and get into all that steam that is bundled up in there.

    New follower - Ronda (Queentutt's World of Escapism)

    Ronda Tutt

  4. That cover just absolutely looks yummy! I'm a cover art junkie and I love it! Thanks for the giveaway! I'm GFC follower Nikki!

  5. Love the cover, it is absolutely gorgeous. Could gaze at it all day!
    Old follower JeanP
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  6. They are both very beautiful, sensual covers, Karyn. I've noticed the fine quality of covers coming from Evernight Publishing for some time now...kudos. :-)

    All My Best,
    Bobbie Crawford-McCoy

  7. It is a very sensual cover. Love the read and the sultry feel. That man has an amazing back. Great work!


  8. You're not the only who loves muscular back or six pack abs...Yum. Ok I will keep this PG.
    LOVE the cover. So sensual and eye catching!!
    Congrats on your upcoming releases.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Evernight...Hoping you have more to come in the years to follow..

    Follower here
    This is an excellent birthday bash idea that Evernight came up with.

  9. Black Lust makes me think of pirates! Love the cover and Evernight never fails to please on the covers.

    New follower (subscribed via e-mail),
    Carlie A.

  10. Fans self! Whew, loverly cover ;-)
    I am a new follower.
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

  11. What do I think of the cover?? Holy crud!!!! I wish it were me in the picture with that male cover model! Very hot!! Very erotic with the black and the red.

    Happy Birthday Evernight!!!

  12. OMG! Black Lust's cover is smokin' hot!!! Loved the blend of red and black and the hero's hand placement.. Just one word - Fantastic!!!

    Happy Birthday to Evernight! Love finding new authors and celebrating the birthday bash!

    GFC follower now :) Definitely count me in for giveaway. judimello AT gmail DOT com

  13. Happy Birthday to Evernight! Great blog, especially the pictures, Karyn. :)

  14. Happy 1st Birthday to Evernight!

    And your cover is awesomely hot! Can't go wrong with a Jimmy Thomas cover!

    ironss [at] gmail [dot] com

  15. Happy Birthday Evernight, many more.

    You know, Karyn, red is my favorite color and black goes so hot with it. ;) I think it's the perfect cover for your book.

    Best of luck, my friend.

    (Info you know)

  16. Happy birthday to Evernight!

    I have no doubt that Black Lust will be as hot a read as that amazing cover. Incredible design.

    All my best always. Already a follower and you have my details but I will post anyway...


  17. Ok I want to be a follower but I can't find the little linky thing that let's you follow a blog.

    Am I looking in the wrong place?

    BTW I love both of the covers for your posted books, the background colors are gorgeous and seem to go really well together!

  18. Okay so I might as well enter, I need an e reader bad! lol You know I luv the cover!


  19. Happy Birthday Everlight!
    Beautiful Blog....*S* It's just stunning...*S* I've read your books, and never visited your blog. I thank you for your wonderful stories,,,*S*
    Wishing you the best, and thank you for being a part of the blog tour hop.


  20. Happy Birthday to Evernight. I love the cover, it's very hot, just love the way her fingers are digging into his skin, oh let's not leave out where his hand is too! :-D


  21. Karyn, I prefer authors that write a series. Good books should be continued! Thank you for giving a book away in addition to the prizes from Evernight; there really aren't enough books with time travel!!

    GFC: books4me

    books4me67 at

  22. Great post! Your stories sound awesome! Yummy covers! :) Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!
    gfc- shadow_kohler

  23. Ooh, La, La. That is one scrumptious back. Awesome cover that is guaranteed to get people to read the excerpt.

    I saw on another one of your posts that you recently got an 11x17 of Timeless Heart & are planning on getting one of Black Lust. If you have any extras to give away or sell, I would love one.

    Timeless Heart is on my ebook wish list. I would really appreciate it if you took pity on my groaning book budget & let me win a copy.

    gfc - Kathy Merkel
    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  24. Thanks so much for leaving comments and becoming new followers, I really appreciate it!

    Carlie~Hey, he could be a pirate! My hero is part Vampire, and his name is Lucius Black. Maybe he was a pirate in another life~

    Sheree~You really can't go wrong with Jimmy, I am pleased to have him on only my second cover ever~

    Kim-A lot of thumbs up for the black and red colors, I think it works too~

    Gabby: The follow widget is down the right hand side of this site, just refresh the page if it doesn't show up. Thanks for entering~

    Eva: I agree, love the hand placement for both of them, very sensuous!

    Wendy: Glad to hear that, as I hope to have a few "Black" titles in my paranormal line. Also hope to do more time travel to follow 'Timeless Heart' thanks!

    Kathy: What a great idea to do a giveaway for book covers, I never thought anyone would be interested. Next time I order some prints I will get a couple extras for giveaways~

    Thanks again to all! Remember contest runs until Oct 2, best of luck to everyone~

  25. I love the cover. Dark haired guys are my favorites and his back and shoulders are great. The only thing I would change is to move the red at the bottom to where you could see his butt better, lol. Seriously though, the cover is beautiful, I love the colors and the candles and the picture is hot.
    GFC follower: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  26. Mmmm, yummy cover.

    shadow31071 (at) suddenlink (dot) net

  27. Congrats to Dawn (momoffour)

    You've won a $5.00 Evernight Gift Certificate


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