Monday, May 10, 2021

Ten Years as a Published Author! by Karyn Gerrard @KarynGerrard #HistoricalRomance #Contemporary #AmWriting


In May 2011, I had my first story published by a digital e-publisher. The ensuing ten years have been a real roller coaster ride, and at this point in time and stage of my life, I am more than glad I got off.

The writing itself has always been enjoyable, but all the surrounding 'stuff', has not. The higher you reach, the higher your stress. (at least for me) So in that ten years, I moved on up, to more established publishers, and even managed to get an agent (thanks to a three-book contract). I won't get into just how many levels of stress I was under (granted, some of it I put on myself) but I am doing this now on my terms, at my own pace.

I've cut back on social media. I just got an email from Mailchimp, saying my account has been dormant for 23 months. I don't send out newsletters anymore. How effective are they? Perhaps for authors with tens of thousands of followers. To me, newsletters are from another era, and like blog tours, they are no longer effective. But hey, that's just me and my opinion.

I am no longer a full-time author, I have no desire to find another agent or publisher. I am doing it when I feel like it. I impose no deadlines, write when I want to. 

A new release is coming June 29th, it was a book I was working on while still with an agent, and I am so glad I could rewrite it. PROTECTING THE DUKE will be setting up a new series, The Rakes of St. Regent's Park. 

I also will be working on my contemporary series, The Wicked Men of Rockland City. I have a couple of novellas I am also picking away at. I plan to have all my books in series going forward, no more standalone releases.

So here's to ten years. It's been interesting! Will I be doing this for another ten years? I doubt it, but until then, cheers!

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