Monday, July 4, 2016

NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Heart of Rock by @KarynGerrard But Out of the Ashes, A Change in Direction #Publishing

I got the rights back to Heart of Rock from Decadent Publishing. This book was a real heart breaker. It was like something I've never written before, the hero was hard to take, but it did get very good reviews the few it got, but also didn't sell much.

It's first incarnation was in 2012 with the now defunct Silver Publishing. Remember them? What a nightmare. I got the rights back to that and one other book with Silver before it imploded. Never did get the rest of my royalties owed, but it wasn't much anyway. The publisher I was with at the time, Decadent, contracted it in 2013. It went through a meat grinder of an edit, so much so I wondered if I would even continue on with writing. But that's how we learn, eh?

Flash forward to 2016, and the contract is up and rights have been reverted. So what do I do with it?

Well, it's not keeping it's 1970's setting, which is kind of a shame. I had fun revisiting the decade I grew up in.

So, do I throw it on the back burner to collect cobwebs?

Tempting, but then I thought, since the hero's last name is Byrne, and so is my hero from His Wicked Celtic Kiss, why not make them brothers? So Heart of Rock will be stripped down to the bare skeleton, it will no longer be an erotic romance, and eventually, I will make this story part of my Wicked Men of Rockland Series.

A lot hinges on whether I will be getting the rights back to The Wicked Bad from Crimson Romance. I try again in September. If I do get it, The Wicked Bad will be revised first, again, no longer erotic, more mainstream and completely revised (oh boy, does it need it)

I am assuming all this will not happen until later 2017 and beyond. The good news? I have book 3 already written in the Wicked Men of Rockland Series, so yes, the series will continue. I plan a book 4 to conclude it.

Not all books sell. In fact, most don't. But it is gratifying to get a book back and be able to move ahead with a complete "do-over".

More to come~

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