Friday, July 24, 2015

No Longer Available: My Vampire Cover Model By @KarynGerrard #Paranormal #RightsReversal


MY VAMPIRE COVER MODEL~ Paranormal/Erotic Romance/Contemporary~ Decadent Publishing

Words: approx 22,000

Release date: August 10th 2012


Life changed for Deanna Brooks the night she attended a book signing for her aunt's best-selling paranormal romance series. There she met Burney "Burn the Cover God" Sheridan. The model for the fictional vampire hero, Burn is beyond handsome with an over-abundance of Irish charm. 
Burn Sheridan, a man with scores of past lives, has a secret: He really is a vampire. Meeting Deanna was agony because for the first time in over two hundred years, Burn experiences the rarest of vampiric needs, the "mate of his soul" connection. Keeping people at a distance had been Burn's existence for centuries, but Deanna makes this pledge of staying detached impossible. 

Many obstacles lie ahead and the biggest of all may be Burn himself.   Can Deanna and Burn overcome them and find lasting love?

This was my first book with Decadent Publishing in the summer of 2012. The three year contract is up next month and I requested the rights back. I see its been taken down already at most if not all vendors. I do intend to ask for all my rights back on my Decadent releases as the 3 year dates draw close, except for Wild Pitch which I wrote with Gayl Taylor and has a five year contract. I no longer submit to Decadent Publishing.

My Vampire Cover Model will be receiving a complete rewrite, revision and re-edit.  I have too much on my plate right now, so look for it sometime next year. I will be self-pubbing through my KG Publishing banner and will no doubt keep the same title.

Meanwhile, My Highlander Cover Model is still available for awhile yet. :)

Next up? Requesting the rights back to The Blind Cupid. Cheers!

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