Friday, March 25, 2011

And The Ball Starts Rolling...

Three weeks left of my visit with family and friends in Eastern Canada, the weather is sunny, no snow, but below normal coolish. Feels balmy to me. And no snow, mega bonus.

Having fun and getting lots of rest. Just awaiting edits *chews nails* and cover art, this is all so new to me, I don't quite feel like myself. Surely, this is happening to someone else, not me.

*Pinches myself.* Nope, it's me.

Timeless Heart was the first novella I ever submitted. Almost 3 years ago, I submitted my first effort to Harlequin Historical and got a very nice rejection letter, they said it was good, but did not fit their parameters, and it really didn't. I did not do the due diligence, proper research into their guidelines. I had only read a couple of romances before attempting my own.
Well, I certainly made up for it since. Hundreds of romance reads later, and doing the in-depth research, I felt confident to submit again to a publisher, this time, an ebook. Wow, how the market has changed even since my first submission 3 years ago, and it is still changing.
And I have found it pays to socialize within the Romance community. Romance writers are the most supportive and friendly writers I have come across. Visiting blogs and interacting with some writers, who are more than eager to share their sage advice and experiences, has been most rewarding. I am now attempting Twitter. Could Facebook not be far behind? Yeesh.

And I found I enjoy writing the shorter novellas. But I have not forgotten the few finished full-length Manuscripts I have, will be tweaking them as well.  I really feel I have accomplished something I set out to do over three years ago. Be Published. Fingers crossed all goes well For Timeless Heart debut with Evernight Publishing in May.

Stay tuned,

And keep writing, want to be published? It can happen! Never surrender. Keep going forward. Jaysus, if I CAN, so can you~


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming Evernight release! I too spent many years seeking publication and my second Evernight title, as you know, LOVE TATTOO was out last week. I now have other novels out this year and next from Evernight and two other publishers. I keep spreading the same message to others - if I can, you can!

    If you get to Facebook, look up the Evernight Authors group. We offer a lot of support and encouragement to each other!

  2. I'd agree, you need to set up Facebook. I know, I know, but I've found it very helpful when I want to look at an author's page and not get the "sign in" page instead, I go straight to what I want to see. You don't have to do much, really, just sign up. Me, I never post, but mine's for family and yikes... No, I use it for other, much better purposes. :)

    For you, it'll just take you closer to the community.


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