What I Write

So, what exactly do I write?

On the main page of my site I state:

Author who writes emotional historical and the occasional contemporary romance. 
Amended Feb 2015: Going forward, I will be writing historicals and contemporaries exclusively under this pen name.

I write M/F. I write romance. Emotion and romance come first, but my love scenes are sensual. My newer releases only have 1-2 love scenes. I am not an erotic romance author. I write Victorian-era romances, leaning on the dark side, meaning I show more of the other side of society than I do fluffy ballroom scenes. 

My books have varied in length from short stories to novellas and novel-length. My earlier works are more erotic than my recent releases. (almost all of them have had the rights reverted to me)

Most of my rights reversions books will be revised, re-edited, and self-published. Some titles will be changed, some will not. The heat level will be dialed back from the original works. 

You can look over my books HERE

All my books are in digital format (e-book) only.
Except HERE  (Print)
Interested in where you can find my books? CLICK HERE

I will be self-pubbing under my own business/banner. To read more on this venture and upcoming releases for KG Publishing, click HERE

I have a Facebook group I share with other historical romance authors. If you want to join The Drawing Room for fun posts and the occasional giveaway. join HERE

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