Sunday, June 14, 2020

I've Had it With Facebook: Social Media Musings by Karyn Gerrard @KarynGerrard #Opinion

I've never really liked Facebook. But after the recent stories about the owner, Zuckerberg, I'm more disgusted than ever. See HERE and HERE
Delete my account? As soon as I am no longer a published author, I will do so. I know there are authors who have cut ties already. It's an individual choice. So what can I do?

First, Facebook is getting none of my money. I spent 5.00 once to boost a post years ago. Never again. Billionaire Zuckerberg does not need more of my money.
I've also ghosted my author page. I'm not jumping through Facebook's many and various hoops to get more views or interaction.
I've deleted the Facebook app and Facebook Messenger from all my devices. If I go on Facebook at all, it will be on my desktop through a browser, and as little as possible. (Once or twice a week) I've also ghosted Instagram, which they own. They also own WhatsApp, Oculus VR, and recently bought Giphy. (which could change how we send GIFs forever)

Next? I will block ads. Hit Facebook in the wallet.

From K. Tempest post on Medium from 2017: All major desktop browsers have extensions or add-ons that will block ads on Facebook as well as everywhere else. Just go to the websites for Firefox Add-OnsChrome ExtensionsSafari Extensions, or Microsoft Edge Add-Ons and search for Adblock. 

Want to delete Facebook and other social media, check it out HERE

I believe there is no hard and fast rule about social media, no matter what publishers and experts tell you. (I had a publisher tell me to join Instagram, and I did, what a total waste) It really doesn't sell books. Join a Facebook group? No one sees your posts. Post on your FB timeline? No one sees it unless you interact several times a day with many, many people.

To those who have mastered social media, I tip my cap. But I find it ponderous and an invasion of my privacy. (I have removed all personal photos from my Facebook and will no longer share them on Instagram) I've cut back on Twitter as well. After being an author for nine years, social media has only become more difficult exposure-wise. Since moving home, I have even less time. What little computer time I have....I'd rather be writing!


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