Sunday, March 4, 2018

SOUR PUSS POST: The Stark Reality of Being Published and Other Stresses #amwriting @KarynGerrard #Opinion

Time for a sour puss post.

The stark reality of being published is you're going to be disappointed more often than not. Let's get the depressing stuff out of the way.

Social media is useless for trying to sell/promote your books as the algorithms have been tweaked so tight, no one is seeing your posts or tweets. It's an exercise in futility. (Thanks Facebook!) All those so-called experts claiming you MUST be on Facebook can pound sand. No way am I going to stress over marketing and branding any longer on various platforms. It's not worth it.

Be wary of all the book promotions sites cropping up. Visibility is everything, and its not easy to achieve. There are no easy answers. Advice? Do your research. See which site may give you the best ROI (return on investment) and remember there are no guarantees for any paid promos.
Another piece of advice? Support your fellow authors, specifically in your genre and sub-genre. Especially those who return the support. But beware of the leeches, those that latch on to you, suck you dry, then ghost you. It happens. More than you think.

Also don't get your hopes up if you do sign with a bigger pub (big 5 or not) that it means instant sales and recognition. It doesn't. While it may be a notch on your own personal belt that a NY pub likes your writing, it doesn't mean all your wishes will come true.

Wow, I do sound like a sour puss, don't I?

Well, here's the good news. You are a published author. Do you know how many people out there wish they had the talent and discipline to sit in front of a computer monitor and write a story worth reading? Outside of some people snickering over the romance genre, they do look at me and say "I admire you, I wish I could do it."
I know there are a lot of self-pubbed stories that many say should never see the light of day, but I'm not a literary snob. Thanks to self-publishing, those snotty gatekeeper days are over (well, for the most part)
You wrote a story and published it at Amazon? Huzzah! That took guts. Did it make you happy? All the better!

And finding joy in writing is really what it's all about. If pressure over marketing, sales, branding, reviews, publishers, agents, and social media are getting you down, try your best to move forward. You have to or it will kill the joy and satisfaction of writing and crafting a story you love. Also, don't let it eat into your family time. Try not to let yourself become overwhelmed. It's not worth it. Really, it isn't.

Things I need to keep reminding myself about over and over. The pub business is what it is, take your successes where you can find them, and no, the successes are not all about money. If you gauge your writing success by the $$$, you WILL be disappointed at one time or another.

You love to write? Good. Keep doing it. But don't ever lose the joy. Don't raise expectations too high and do not let the peripheral stuff stress you out or take over your life.

Cheers. Happy Writing~

Karyn Gerrard, born and raised in the Maritime Provinces of Eastern Canada, now makes her home in a small town in Northwestern Ontario. When she’s not cheering on the Red Sox or travelling in the summer with her teacher husband, she writes, reads romance, and drinks copious amounts of Earl Grey tea. 

 Even at a young age Karyn’s storytelling skills were apparent, thrilling her fellow Girl Guides with off-the-cuff horror stories around the campfire. A multi-published author, she loves to write sensual historicals and contemporaries. Tortured heroes are an absolute must. 

 As long as she can avoid being hit by a runaway moose in her wilderness paradise she assumes everything is golden. Karyn’s been happily married for a long time to her own hero. His encouragement and loving support keeps her moving forward.

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