Friday, December 15, 2017

2017 Wrap Up: A Year in the Life #amwriting #Publishing @KarynGerrard

A good question, what have I done this year? As far as releases, next to nothing. 2016 ended with me not only snagging a 3 ebook contract from Kensington Publishing for a historical series.
Once the brief euphoria passed, it was time to get to work. I had three full-length ebooks to write. And that is what took up the bulk of my 2017. It was a grind, caused heath complications as in tenosynovitis in both wrists, and the sporadic ocular migraine (no pain, but the eye twitches and sometimes you see floaters shaped like saw blades) I had no problem meeting the deadlines. My last one is March 1, and I am on target. Because I no longer work, I can write whenever. But even with pacing myself all this writing has taken its toll.

It is why I decided as of Dec 12th I will be taking the rest of the month off from writing. As far as social media, I will fulfill my commitments, but otherwise will be taking a break from that as well.

As for romance publishing overall, is was another meh-to-dismal year. More bad news than good. Pronoun, a digital book distributor is closing down Jan 18, 2018. St. Martin's Press digital romance line, SMP Swerve, is cutting authors and contracts, some in mid-series. Harlequin announced in June they will be cutting five lines. Loose ID, an erotic romance e-publisher, announced they will be closing in May 2018. Goodreads just announced (owned by Amazon) that they will no longer allow free giveaways of print books. They are lumping them in with ebook giveaways and charging $199 or $599. This is unreal. I hear there are other small epubs not doing so well either. Digital book sales are down for the third year in a row. The bubble has burst. It all sounds rather depressing, doesn't it?

So now what? Press onward. Many authors are going to have a come-to-Jesus moment in the months ahead, especially those who rely on the money to live. (Thankfully, I don't) And with the taxes changes coming in the USA, however they shake out, it will hit authors hard. (Thankfully, I'm Canadian) You will see many authors fade away.

I'm not a big strategic planner. But in 2018 I have decided I will be doing the third and final Hornsby Brothers book. I had 20,000 written when the publisher passed on it. I can now publish it myself. It will be a longish novella. I also have a historical Christmas story to edit and revise: Knight of Christmas.
. Not sure I want to tackle another historical series at the moment. Also will be getting the rights back to A RIDING CROP FOR TWO (erotic historical romance) Another potential story to revise (tone down the heat), re-edit, and re-release. I am also joining a historical box set for a March release, Season of Love.
So I do have options.

I also have no illusions about sales, promotion from publishers or anyone else, or if I will achieve any form of success. I keep my expectations low, for I do not take disappointment well. I will write as long as real life allows me and as long as I enjoy it. This year? Did not enjoy it much. But that had to do with real life stuff more than anything.

Here's to a better 2018 for all of us. ♥

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