Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lowering Expectations as a Published Author by @KarynGerrard #Romance #Opinion

You would think, since I've been published in one form or another since May 2011, I would have learned to lower my expectations by now when it comes to various aspects of being a romance author.

But I haven't. With each new goal achieved through the years, I would start to get my expectations up only to be smacked with reality and that dreaded of all words: Disappointment.

I will admit, I have never taken any sort of disappointment well, from my favourite restaurant not having the chicken dish I love that particular night, to the bigger, life-altering ones. So I already came into being a published author with a handicap.

Wow, book one sold great, that means the rest of the series will sell as well! Nope. Look! I am with a NY publisher, I am going to sell more books! Nope.

I could go on, but then this turns into more of a 'whine' and cheese than it already is. The best advice? To have no expectations of anything, then the disappointment will be easier to shrug off and you will be more inclined to move forward. However, we are only human, and it is perfectly normal to have some sort of expectation.

This being published thing has not been a huge thrill overall. The only thing keeping me going is the writing itself. That I still enjoy. Of course, I could write stories to please myself and not bother with publishing at all, not even self-pubbing. But when I submitted a manuscript March 2011 on a lark, not expecting anything, only to have it accepted, I became intrigued. How far could I go with this thing?
See? I had no expectations starting out. So what happened?

I started to have small successes. Tiny incremental changes that kept me moving in a forward and upward trajectory. That is when expectations started to creep in. The key with regard to expectations is not to overdo it. It is great to dream, but it should be hampered with a healthy does of reality. Especially if you are like me and do not take disappointments well.

This is not an occupation for the faint-hearted. But if you love writing enough to subject yourself to possible disappointments and heartache, then embrace it. Try and remain even-keeled, keep your dreams alive, but tempered with sensible goals. Focus on the writing. The joy of crafting a story. And perhaps you may come through this relatively unscathed.


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