Sunday, August 6, 2017

Its Time for a Break by @KarynGerrard Writers need Breaks #stress #opinion

Yes, my life needs me. Lately its been too much...writing. Contracts. Deadlines. It's getting to me. I feel isolated. A little overwhelmed. Basically I am taking the rest of August off.

Except for some schedules blog posts on E-Romance News, and a few tweets for them, I am staying away from social media and yeah...writing.

Not only do my wrists need a break *I've developed tenosynovitis over the past several months* but so does my mind.

Going to sit out on the deck, read, spend time with Mr. Gerrard. Go on a picnic. Read some more. Watch Poldark. Maybe watch BBC's North and South again.

Hopefully in September I will be ready to start writing the third and final book in my contracted series, because right now? I ain't feeling it.

Writers need to do this. Take a break. Living life is more important, at least to me. I've completed book 2 before the deadline, I should celebrate by taking some ME time.

Have a good rest of August!

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