Thursday, June 22, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me and Six Years as a Published Author! @KarynGerrard #Romance

Happy Birthday to me! June 23, many, many years ago, I am a tail-end baby boomer/early Gen-X, so do the math, lol.
I've seen a lot through the years and yes, grown more cynical as those years clicked by. Here is where the cynicism really kicks in.

Last month marked my sixth year as a published author. What is it like to be published for six years? First off, I didn't expect to be published. Of all the ladies on-line I had dealings with regard to gaming/writing before 2011? I've lost touch with practically all of them through the years. It happens. It also shows how tough this business is. How many have given up? I only have to look at Twitter and Facebook to see the dormant accounts of people who have fallen off the grid.

Yet, here I still am.

Through the six years I've changed direction so many times my head is still spinning. First, I was an erotic romance author for small digital pubs. I wrote some paranormal. Time travel. A contemporary or two. Historicals. I couldn't seem to pin down what I wanted to write or at what heat level because I didn't make the decision before I submitted somewhere. I had no clear path. No strategy. Why would I? I had no expectations my story would be accepted, but it was.

I am new to romance. Though a voracious reader, I didn't pick up my first romance book until I bought a second hand Mary Balogh paperback about ten years ago. I became hooked. I started a review blog, visited others, got to interact with a few romance authors. I started to believe perhaps I could do this. After all, I loved telling stories, even did some writing in my teens.

Long story short, I had plenty of ups and downs and disappointments. Publishers ripping me off (Hello Silver Publishing and Ellora's Cave) Even nearly quit twice, once as recently as last year. Decision made. I would slink back into the shadows, pick away at rights reversal stories, self pub at my leisure.

But things never work out the way you plan. I found myself at a fork in the road. Kensington kept contacting me asking if I had any more stories/series. I could have said "No, and I never will."
But I didn't. I stood at the fork and decided I wasn't quite done with this writing thing. And if I was going to give this another go, it was high time I called this a career and try to procure an agent. Well, I managed to get two of them interested. After phone interviews, both were lovely, and it was a close call, but I went with The Knight Agency.

So I have an agent. A three book digital book deal. I am more than halfway through writing the three books. After that? I have a contemporary series to re-work. Plus I will still be self publishing. Yeah, I am a full-time writer.

For now.

My cynicism keeps things real and I have no expectations for any of this to translate into sales success. However, on my birthday, I reflect on my husband, my family, the joys in life, and despite it all, writing is a part of it.

So Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Congrats Karen! Kudo's to you for sticking with it!
    Hope all is well with you and hubby. :)

  2. Thanks very much Jennifer, All is well and I'm still here, lol!


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