Friday, November 18, 2016

Changing Direction and a Backlist in Flux: What's an Author to Do? @KarynGerrard #TheWickedBad

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As I change what I write, and now that I am not writing as hot as I used to, my backlist is a strange mix of erotic romance and more mainstream fare. Also, as contracts with digital epubs expire and rights are reverted to me, a few series I had are missing books.

I finally was able to ask for the rights back to THE WICKED BAD from Crimson Romance. It is book one of The Wicked Men of Rockland. A series I am determined to finish. Book 2 is still with Crimson and I probably won't be able to ask for rights back to that until the spring. I know it will leave readers confused. But what can you do?

I did submit book 3 of TWMOR to Crimson, but due to real life issues, withdrew it. Then I made the decision I would finish the series on my own. I have reasons I came to this decision to not continue with this publisher which I will keep to myself because who else besides me would be interested? We all have our own reasons and opinions in the decisions we make.

Also, The Wicked Bad is erotic and I don't write this hot any longer. It wouldn't match the rest of the series. So I put this series on hold. The Wicked Bad has some problems, and I can't wait to fix them. it will take a few weeks as The Wicked Bad is removed from vendors.

Just received word today F and W Media (which owns Crimson Romance) was bought by Simon and Schuster. Good for them. Some authors are over the moon, a Big 5 publisher! I just got the reversal letter for The Wicked Bad last week. I already made the decision to move on. But I wish Crimson and the authors all the best.

But not only am I getting The Wicked Bad reverted, but numerous books from Evernight Publishing and Decadent Publishing. My one and only book from Ellora's Cave. There is quite a pile collecting over the next few months as books are taken down from vendors.So what's an author to do? Don't panic, don't rush.

I am in no hurry to get these books back out. I'm going to take my time. I have another pen name and some may be released under that name. Who knows? I have the option to do as I want for I will be self-publishing these reverted e-books on my own timetable.

In the meantime, my backlist is going to look chaotic and uneven while this transition takes place. My writing since being published has been all over the place regarding genres and heat levels but I have finally chosen my path.

Historicals and contemporaries. Sensual heat. I'll do it my way. :)


  1. I hear you, Karen. My publisher, Amer Quill Press, closed its doors earlier this year, but gave all of us our rights back before closing. I really appreciated their thoughtfulness. Like your backlist, most of it is erotic and I'm not writing that hot any more. Some of the stories can be toned down, but I'm left with a mishmash of a series, well five out of six books, and no idea how to fix it. Some of that backlist may never see the light of day. Change is the one constant in publishing these days.

    1. A mishmash is exactly right. I wish I had a clear path of what I wanted to write when I first got published in 2011, but I didn't. I tried different genres, different publishers, different heat levels. But I learned a lot. I have a clear goal now. But the backlist will look messy for some time to come. Cheers for commenting!


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