Saturday, June 11, 2016

Being a Published Author: Is it Worth all the Hassles? #Opinion @KarynGerrard

So is being a published author worth all the hassles?

To me, not lately.

I could turn this into a complete 'whine and cheese' post, it is tempting. Okay, maybe I will...a little.

Fed up with publishers as a whole, I turned to self-pubbing for some of my releases, but therein lies different types of hassles.

I just uploaded the new version of The Governess and the Beast and Amazon has completely mucked it up. It will take days to straighten out, or I may have just lost all 25 reviews the book had. I am so sick of incompetence every where I turn. You guess it, my patience is on a short and dangerous fuse.

Which indicates to me it might be time to again consider if this is all worth it. I am certainly not seeing any monetary reward, but then neither are a lot of other authors so I am not alone there.

The personal reward is also not what it should be but that could be my state of mind. There are so many things we are 'expected' to do as an author, and frankly, I don't see the payoff.

Send out newsletters! And what, be lucky if you get a 30% open rate? What's the point of this? I unsubscribed from a bunch recently and those I do get, I delete without reading a lot of the time, so why would I expect anyone to open mine? Are newsletters a fat waste and a total time suck? An antiquated form of reaching out to readers? I would say yes to all of the above. But as authors, we plug along and do it, because it is 'expected'.

Posting on social media! Another time suck and total waste. Facebook and Twitter have tweaked their algorithms so tight, your posts are not reaching anybody. Why? They want you to buy ads. I have cut back my Facebook visits this year. I don't use the app at all anymore. I've always preferred Twitter, but even that has lost its appeal. How tiring to try and get friends, followers, clicks, etc.

Blogs? Blog hops have all but disappeared, blog tours have dropped in popularity. Blogging in general is not what it used to be. Triberr (blog post sharing service) never worked right for me, and I am about to delete both my author account and the E-Romance News account. Does anyone actually visit your blog as a result of Triberr? All it seems to be doing is clogging up Twitter feeds. And their support dept is a joke. (and rude)

Do I sound bitter? Yes. And weary. Real life isn't helping either. But now that I am in full whine mode, there does come a time where an author has to step back, take a breath, and take a break.

I think I will be doing just that. Clear my mind, relax.

See you around~

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