Monday, May 16, 2016

News Update: Publishers, Rights Reversions, and Upcoming Releases by Karyn Gerrard @KarynGerrard #Romance

Wow, have sales taken a tumble in 2016. And in investigating I am relieved its not just me, though I feel for everyone in the same boat. I have to accept some hard truths these last months, and just when I was mentally preparing myself for turning this writing thing back into a part-time hobby, an opportunity has come up. If it all comes to pass (and I'm not holding my breath because...'the glass is half-empty' is just how I roll when it comes to writing) I will have enough to keep me busy.

Meanwhile, I am in the process of getting rights back on several older (and more erotic) releases. So, how is that going?

Finally after three years, I was able to ask for THE WICKED BAD back from Crimson Romance. I will admit here (and no reflection on the current Ex. Editor and team) but the edit was horrible! And it figures it became one of my best selling books. It was even chosen for a limited run trade paperback experiment with three other CR books. In hindsight, I should have passed. But the opportunity stroked my writer's ego. A book! On a shelf in Barnes and Noble! Okay, it didn't really sell, but still!
Needless to say without getting into too much regarding contracts, I will have to wait some months. If and when I do get it back, it needs major reworking. As for the second book, His Wicked Celtic Kiss? It maybe a year or more before I can request that one. So, the series is on hold for a while as yet. I really do want to continue. The third book is written. I am planning a novella (2.5) and revisions are on-going. I learned a lesson. When starting a series, have a clear plan to the finish line. I didn't with The Wicked Men of Rockland. Apologies to readers for the delay.

Knight of Christmas: Next month I can send a reversion request to Ellora's Cave for my one and only book with them. I want so much to just wipe my hands of this publisher and walk away. I've only been paid for royalties up to June 2015. Yes, they are almost a year behind. After the request, I have to wait another six months before rights are granted. So no release this Xmas for the book. Besides, it needs work. Listen up authors, stay away from EC.

My Evernight Publishing books: Five year contracts, there is one I can ask for this fall. Just a reminder that my older releases are more erotic. I don't write it any more.

My Decadent Publishing books: Slowly returning. By the end of this year all but one will be returned to me. That one was co-written and has a five year contract. Also, The audio rights to The Governess and the Beast are still in the publisher's hands. Another decision I wish I had passed on.

But, I am slowly revising these books and I hope to have The Governess and the Beast out by the end of the month. (New cover pictured)

After that, My Highlander Cover Model will be re-released. I can't see charging much money for re-released books especially under 30,000 words, so both will be 99 cents, with MHCM going into Kindle Unlimited.

What's next on my plate? First, I wait and see what comes of the opportunity I mentioned above. Then plan from there.

I do have another pen name, an erotic one, and any books I get back from publishers that I will not be changing the heat level on will be posted under that name.

I will continue on, not look at sales, and just enjoy the writing itself.


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