Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Writing Plans Going Forward, Taking a Bit of a Breather #ReReleases @KarynGerrard #selfpub #Revisions

Just passed in my final contracted story to Kensington Publishing, Beloved Beast. Big sigh of relief.

Now what?

Not sure. The book market is in flux and I don't have the 'fire in the belly' to fight the on-coming tide of digital book sales declines. We all have our own paths to tread. So that limits my choices. And with Samhain and other digital romance publishers closing, not many options.

For now, I am going to take a breather, work away on revising books that will be reverting to me during the next several months and get them ready for self-pubbing.

NOTE: I am not an erotic romance writer any longer, so the heat will be dialed back a notch on these re-releases~

THE GOVERNESS AND THE BEAST originally 21,000 words will have about 6000 words added, and will revert to me May 1st. I hope to get it back out there right away, so I am working on revisions and edits now. Cover ordered. Unfortunately, the audio book is a 7 year term so that is staying with the publisher.

MY HIGHLANDER COVER MODEL Originally 22,000 words, reverts to me April 1st. I have the cover. I will work on this next. Will have about 7000 words added and this book will go in Kindle Unlimited for a time when I do release it. Summer or fall? Not sure. Maybe later.

HEART OF ROCK, will revert July 1st. On the back burner.

But I am taking my time with all this. Working at my own stress-free pace.

THE COPPER AND THE MADAM will return to me December 1st. This needs a major reworking, (never did care for the original edit much as in: stuff cut out) so it won't re-release until later 2017.

ROCK THE WOLFE should return to me November 1st. No immediate plans for this. Will put on the back burner.

My Evernight Publishing books? I am eligible to ask for Black Lust this fall, I may get the entire 4 book series back. Again, back burner. It's erotic and paranormal, things I don't write any more, and at some point will be revised with new titles and put out under a new pen name. Plus more books will revert next year.

As you see, I have more than enough to keep me busy. From the first time I was published five years ago, I write for me. I will continue to do so.

Disappointments are the name of the game in the pub biz. I now have no expectations for any release. The market is what it is. As far as personal publishing success, I far exceeded what I thought would happen. I'm proud of that.

For now I am going to take it slow and easy. Take things as they come. The thing is, I can see the end game. I won't be doing this forever. When I do hang it up? I will probably place everything in Kindle Unlimited and walk away. No muss, no fuss.

Until then, I will stay in my writer's cave and do what makes me happy: Write. Or more specifically...revise.

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