Monday, January 11, 2016

That Pivotal Moment You Decide NOT to Quit Writing, At Least For Now by @KarynGerrard #Publishing #EC

Oh, have I given this serious thought lately. So Why didn't I throw in the towel? Well, first off, I have a contract to fulfil. I am almost done the story. One good thing, it hasn't affected the writing itself.

So what in hell is my problem?

The disappointments are piling up. When they outweigh the fun of writing, that is the time to quit in my book. Why continue? Why torture myself?

Here's an example, in 2013, I had a good year. Two of my books sold well. I was offered a contract at Ellora's Cave. Wow! The top erotic romance publisher! I was ecstatic, break open a bottle of white wine (I did).

Didn't take long for that balloon to burst. By late spring of 2014, the rumblings had started in earnest, so much so I listened to my gut alarm and turned down a second contract and made the decision I would not submit to this publisher again. By Sept 2014, the lawsuit against a blogger, Dear Author, had come to pass, along with layoffs of editors, etc and public statements of non-payment from authors and editors.
By the time the book KNIGHT OF CHRISTMAS was published in Dec 2014, I felt bitter about the whole non-experience. I did not promo it, All the joy I felt writing this story? Gone.
I also lost all interest in writing erotic romance.
As for payments, they are still behind. They've more or less been behind since my book was published. I am paid up to March 2015. (check rec'd Nov 5th, nothing since) The few emails I sent were never acknowledged or answered. I made a statement about EC in October HERE

I had a similar experience with Silver Publishing. The Ellora's Cave thing stung more. Cut deeper. This was supposed to be a milestone, a notch on the belt. A multi-million dollar successful operation. Which goes to prove no one and nothing is as it seems on the internet. Now I wait out my time until I can ask for my rights back. I only have one book with Ellora's Cave, I can't imagine having all my books there. I feel for those authors dealing with bigger issues than I am.
Meanwhile, I am disappointed (and let's face it, bitter) and because of this, made a vow I will never submit to another digital publisher owned by individuals. There are just too many problems and variables.
Yes, a bigger publisher can be daunting and you can get lost in the pond, but at least there is some veneer of stability. (I hope) Also I am self-pubbing.

The writing is fun. The rest of it? Not so much. So I am going to focus on writing and push the annoyances aside.

For now, I'm pushing forward and not giving a certain publisher another thought. They sucked a lot of joy out of my writing life, but not all of it. Why continue? I won't give them the satisfaction of giving up.



  1. Hi Karyn,
    Know how you feel. I had the same experience with a publisher of non-romance books, Three O'Clock Press in Toronto. I too had to deal with unanswered letters and calls, unpaid royalties even though they are still selling my books. Now all the remainders have gone missing. It's the kind of situation that discourages you... and then you just move on. We can't let them kill our fun or our passion, can me.

  2. How terrible! It really does suck the joy of out things, but you're right, you either give up or move on. I'm moving on. Thanks for commenting, Arlene! :)


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