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Happy New Year! What's Ahead for 2016 for @KarynGerrard #ComingSoon #AmWriting #Publishing

So, what's ahead for me?

I am kind of at the crossroads, so where does that leave me?

I've decided to push publishers aside, (except for Kensington, as I have contracts to fulfil at the moment) and it looks as though 2016 will be a mixed bag.

Books I am entitled (according to contracts) to get the rights back in 2016

Black Lust (and hopefully the rest of this paranormal series)
My Highlander Cover Model
The Governess and the Beast
Heart of Rock
Rock the Wolfe
The Copper and the Madam
Knight of Christmas

Holy edits Batman. So what are my plans? All these titles are erotic romance. I really don't write that heat level any more. But I do have another pen name that is in mothballs at the moment that IS erotic romance. So I can see Black Lust and Rock the Wolfe coming out under that pen name (with new titles). But I will kick those to the bottom of the list. Probably nothing on these until 2017.

Already started revising and re-editing My Highlander Cover Model. Even have the cover.

Rights should revert in April, so I imagine I will re-release in early summer. I am expanding and re-editing.

This is a time-travel/fantasy/contemporary and I imagine it will go into Kindle Unlimited for the first three months at least and release wider at a later time.

What about my one and only book with Ellora's Cave? I can officially ask for the rights back to KNIGHT OF CHRISTMAS according to the contract I signed in June 2016. Then I have to wait another 6 months to be granted those rights. So no 2016 release for this story.
My experience with EC has soured me on publishers in general. Thanks EC! And they are still behind paying me as of this writing.

As for The Governess and the Beast, I haven't decided if I will re-publish right away or hold it for awhile. Same with The Copper and the Madam. Still mulling it over. What's great about self-pubbing? You can set your own schedule. More to come on these two books.

Heart of Rock was caught up in the Silver Publishing mess, then republished elsewhere and...didn't sell. I can get the rights back to this in July 2016. I already have plans for it. It is being torn apart to the bones and being completely re-written to fit my Wicked Men of Rockland series.

That brings us to Kensington Publishing.

I have two releases coming out in 2016 with this publisher. The Vicar's Frozen Heart (#2 The Hornsby Brothers) March 1, 2016, and Beloved Monster (The Ravenswood Chronicles #1) Sept 15 2016.

If nothing else, I gained a good deal of experience writing these books. (Beloved Beast comes out in 2017) Beloved Monster is the closest to literary writing that I've ever done and I am proud of  all the books I've written for KP/LP.

I have no idea if I will be offered a contract for the third and final book in the Hornsby Brothers series (not yet written) so we'll see.

So that is 2016 in a nutshell. On tap so far: Two publisher releases, two self-pubbed releases. So what direction do I turn in the future? All I know is I am not rushing into anything. Lots of time to mull things over. Lots of choices. And I am now officially a hybrid author.

Happy New Year~

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