Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Loving Thank You to My Biggest Supporter: Mr. Gerrard by @KarynGerrard #AmWriting

I'll try not to go overboard with the soppy sentiment. (Though I probably have already!) But this is a loving thank-you to my hubs. I started off with a group of ladies more than a few years back in a writing group, but as all things on the internet, it didn't stick (neither the group or the virtual relationships) and I have found my one constant during my writing is my husband.

He's a teacher, so I can turn to him with questions about structure and plot and guess what? He acts interested in what I'm doing.

I don't have beta readers, I don't have critique partners, I have the hubs.

He's been my main cheerleader from the beginning. It was him who encouraged me to submit my first manuscript. I wouldn't have done it otherwise.

My writing is solitary, I don't belong to any writers cliques or inner sanctum groups or claim to have internet besties. I just plug along and write, and when I need input and encouragement, Mr. Gerrard gives me everything I need.

Not all partners have to be interested in everything you do, but they should at least encourage you. Mine doesn't complain if I cloister myself away to write nor does he berate me for the time I give it. But I also make sure writing/promo doesn't suck up all my time.

We married young, I was twenty, and he was twenty-three. We've been together decades, and not all of it has been easy. But we're still together, facing the highs and lows.

Losing my father to cancer last year was a devastating blow, the hubs was there for me, like I was there for him when he lost his mother to cancer two years before.

I often turn to our own relationship in my writing. I see a lot of my hubs in some of my heroes and a lot of myself in the heroines.

Writing is part of my life, but it not my whole life. But what part it has claimed, my hubs is happy to be part of it and the entire process. He tells me if something isn't working. Gives suggestions. Praises me when I accomplish something cool.

Thank you, my heart, for being in my life and supporting me as you do.

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