Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Year in Writing: A Mixed Bag of Highs, Lows, and Weariness by @KarynGerrard #opinion

I think this picture sums up my year. It hasn't been an easy one. Let's get the bad news out of the way. E-book sales are down again, the market is over-saturated and glutted. (box sets, anyone?) Not even best-selling authors are seeing boffo sales.

Social media is ineffective for promotion of books, and it seems publishers are doing less promo of author's books as time goes by. Book Tours? Not really worth the money. Algorithms are so tweaked on social sites that no one sees your posts. Face it, we are talking to dead air.

Plagiarism and e-book fraud are becoming more prevalent (or people are just being caught more often) Book piracy flourishes. And most people don't care.

Dodgy publishers who don't pay their authors and other employees on time.

And that is just the tip if the iceberg. Depressing, isn't it?

I found this past year I have withdrawn more, and became more isolated. Call me introverted, but I just want to write. I don' t want to get involved in writer-on-writer drama or get involved in any social justice issues. I'll keep my opinions to myself, thank you. (or try to)

I just want to write.

So how did the writing go? This year's high was being offered multiple contracts from Kensington Publishing, based in New York. (for digital books)Yes, a publisher with actual offices in a big city! A major achievement to me at any rate. Where I go from here, I have no idea.

I self-published for the first time and made back my investment and then some, so call that a small success. I also did my first self-pubbed re-release, and it sold more in four months that the previous four years it was published with a digital publisher. So, that worked out as well. I will slowly, but surely, re-release all books I get the rights back to, but on my schedule.

Next up is THE SPINSTER AND MR.GLOVER, a re-working of The Blind Cupid. Coming next month. In 2016, I will be getting back a fair number of books. One thing at a time. One book at a time.

I am working on my contract obligations to Kensington, which should be completed in April 2016. Then I have decisions to make. What to do with my Wicked contemporary series? What about the third historical in my Hornsby Brothers series? Do I turn to something new and aim for a different publisher, and if so, what genre?

Or do I decide I've had enough and pack it in?

Yes, that option is on the table. Because I am feeling rather weary about this roller coaster ride called publishing. I am so weary of trying to get reviews for my books. Even book tours aren't cutting it. I'm weary dealing with publishers for whatever reasons. There's more, but why go on about it?

But one thing hasn't changed. The writing itself. It still brings me joy and contentment. it is still fun and well outweighs all the other stuff. If I decide to stop publishing, I will always have the writing.

Onward to 2016.


  1. With you all the way, Karyn. As usual. Keep writing, keep the high.

    1. Exactly, and you do the same Arlene! :) Thanks for commenting!


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