Friday, September 18, 2015

NEWS UPDATE: Writing, Revisions, Releases, Publishers @KarynGerrard w/e Sept 18th #Publishing #Writing

Checking in with some news.

I am nearly completed revising The Blind Cupid. I will be getting the rights back December 1st, so I want it ready to go to be republished right away.

Here's the dirt. The Blind Cupid was a short story for Decadent Publishing's The Edge line, where the story had to be hot and no more than 7000 words. It was released December 2012. Just want to thank Decadent Publishing and Evernight Publishing for responding to rights reversal requests in a positive and professional manner. More than I can say for some. (see below)

I will be re-releasing The Blind Cupid as THE SPINSTER AND MR. GLOVER (cover art coming soon) and the story is now 14,000+ words. I also dialed back the heat a notch or two (or three!) as the story for The Edge line had to be erotica. I also expanded the plot and characters.

I know I have written more than a few stories about a couple caught in strange circumstances and falling in love during a short period of time, but the situation fascinates me. Two unlikely people, alone, emotions are intense, desire even more so. Yes, they fall in love quickly, but isn't a lot of romance based in fantasy? Besides, though rare, people in real life can fall in love at first sight, so why not my hero and heroine? :)

The Spinster and Mr. Glover will be released by my own KG Publishing and since it is book one of The Blind Cupid series, it will be released to all relevant vendors since book 2 and 3 are still out there. I will be charging 99 cents. (For 14,000 words, more than reasonable)

I am able to get back the rights to The Governess and the Beast (book 2) next spring. Book 3 The Copper and the Madam next fall. I am actually enjoying revisiting these old stories. Like visiting an old, dear friend.

Next up, I asked for the rights back to KNIGHT OF CHRISTMAS from Ellora's Cave (released Dec 2014). I'm not holding my breath. They are in breach of contract, but they have basically told other authors who pointed this out to them to 'go ahead and sue us.' I sent 2 emails about a month ago, no response. In the meantime, I'm not getting paid.

Thankfully I only have one book there. Do I recommend Ellora's Cave to writers and readers? No. How's that for a short answer?

Due to continued stress, I am cutting back. I have contracts to fulfill and I will certainly do that, but I have no plans beyond those for the time being. Well, except re-work revised manuscripts and self-pub them eventually. I am taking a bit of a break. Perhaps after a period time I will be eager to dive into a new series or story. In fact, due to health and other issues, I pulled a submission from a publisher. I hate doing that, not sure they even looked at it yet as no one contacted me on the status, but I have to put me and my family first.

I have two recent releases. Part of a box set (99 cents) Summer of Love (His Wicked Celtic Kiss is in it). Check it out HERE

And Bold Seduction, a historical with Kensington Publishing's Digital line, Lyrical Press. Check it out HERE.

Also, The Baron and the Mistress is at Amazon only for the next 90 days in KU. And its 99 cents. Snap it up! HERE

Have a good weekend!

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