Monday, July 13, 2015

Taking a Break...Again. @KarynGerrard #WhineAlert #Meh

I often announce I'm taking breaks here and there the past several years, I also did it when I was doing Sims Fanfic stories. Sometimes, it all just overwhelms you.

No more so than now. I'm in a bit of a funk and I think a lot of it is because usually this time of year the hubs and I are travelling east. But we can't go this year due to his health concerns. So here we sit and I had no idea this place was so hot and humid in July and there seems to be a thunder storm every other day. Things have been a real bummer since last spring with my beloved father passing as well as a beloved uncle this winter, and the hubs' growing health problems and the waiting to hear of surgeries.


I'm also in a funk about publishing. I have two self-pubs books at 99 cents that aren't selling. It's pretty bad when you can't even muster up sales at that price point. Okay, they haven't sold that badly, I just thought they would've done—better. *pout*

I have a book up for pre-order at a really good price and it's not selling either, which in my present state of mind means it will not sell when it goes live Sept 1. I know things could be worse. You tell yourself that, logically you know it, but everything still sucks anyway.

Yeah. Not in a good place.

Meanwhile, I need to step back. When a person feels blah, its best to leave the stage and recharge. So that's what I'm doing. I will keep up on my commitments for blog posts on E-Romance News and tweet a few news items here and there for the account, but that will be the extent.

Later, have a good July~


  1. Chacelyn (used to be)July 18, 2015 at 5:10 PM

    Did this very thing almost 6 months ago. Publishing isn't what it used to be. I actually retired my pen name and hope for a comeback in the near future starting fresh.

    1. Chacelyn, you are so right, publishing isn't what it used to be. If I didn't have an upcoming release, I would be staying in the cave longer. All the best your your upcoming re-boot!


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