Thursday, May 14, 2015

Confession: I Suck at Marketing, Promotion, and Social Media~And It's Okay #Opinion @KarynGerrard

Yes. I confess. I pretty much suck at it all. And after four years of being published I have finally learned to let it go and stop worrying about it.

I know there are tons of articles from people who seem to understand how this all works, and outlets that charge $$$ to do it all for you.

I basically stopped listening to all the supposed experts and decided to do what I feel in my gut. I don't equate making $$$ in publishing as a sign of my own personal success, There are a lot of authors out there that keep their heads down, maintain an adequate social media presence, stay out of drama and are polite and accessible (to a point). Include me in the group.

Promoting is a fact of life, so I will do some for myself and for other authors to show support, and I do that by hosting authors on my E-Romance News blog and through Triberr and the occasional RT on Twitter. I realized I would rather spend my time writing.

After all, that is why all this happened in the first place. My love of storytelling. The spring of last year my strong, healthy father passed suddenly and it affected me deeply, causing me to look inward at a lot of things which meant eventually I got around to my writing since it is a part of my life. As it was part of my dad's life. He wrote for the pure enjoyment of it, and he left us—his family—a legacy of his written word.

I wanted to challenge myself in my writing. Longer word counts, more characters and plots. I wanted to see if I could get the attention of a New York publisher. Done. Signed a contract with Kensington Publishing. Will I try for the digital lines of the big 5? Sure, why not? At some point. I am always striving to improve. Always challenging myself.

I also am itching to get back the rights on all my older books to rewrite and re-edit to where my head and heart is now with regards to my writing. This will be on-going, and I will be self-pubbing them.

In summation, I am in a good place. I'm at peace with what I want to do with writing and how to get there. And it didn't happen overnight, it took a few years.

So what does this mean to you as an author? Do whatever makes you happy. Don't sweat over branding, etc. Follow your own path not the one you think you should. Most writers are not making big bucks, so you are not alone. Write what you love and if it brings you success in whatever form, all the better. Don't feel compelled to try to market yourself on social media if you don't feel the urge to do so. All it will do is frustrate you, and seriously, does any of it lead to extra sales? Probably not much.

I refuse to do anything any longer that will kill my love of writing.

Thanks, dad. Lesson learned.

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