Monday, January 5, 2015

TV REVIEW: What's Wrong With Sleepy Hollow? Everthing~ By @KarynGerrard #review

So, I finally made it through to the mid-season finale of Sleepy Hollow and I was filled with all kinds of meh.  *SPOILERS AHEAD*

I am not alone. The ratings reflect this. For a show that started out last season with 12 million viewers, they are now down to 5-6 million. How did this happen?

Sleepy Hollow has a great premise. A pseudo cop-procedural with a supernatural twist, wrapping the Legend of Sleepy Hollow around the narrative. Bringing back Ichabod Crane as a hunky, intellectual colonial war hero in high boots and flowing Jesus locks? Win!

Partner him with a spunky, non-nonsense woman cop with a dangerous, murky, supernatural background? Another win! Throw in a dash of romantic/sexual tension! What could go wrong?


First off, Ichabod has a wife. Katrina the witch. The character in my mind has brought nothing to this series. For such an all-powerful witch, she's useless. All she seems to be good at is being a damsel-in-distress, which has really become tedious.

Second, they ruined the headless horseman. I like the Brit actor Neil Jackson, but he should have been kept to flashbacks only (of which I think there should be more, love seeing the colonial backdrop. And Tom Mison in uniform? *drool*) Giving the headless horseman a voice, a head, and a pump-action shotgun is all kinds of wrong.

Third, they let the mythology take over the entire series. Personally, I would prefer if this followed the X-files formula (the early, best years) And Supernatural when at its best. Have the monster-of-the-week episodes, and address the mythology here and there with its own special episodes. This whole Moloch/demon thing has gone off the rails.(Supernatural had this problem with the whole Leviathan arc a couple of seasons ago, Thankfully, it righted itself the next season)

The more enjoyable episodes this season? When they stuck to a stand-alone stories like the Pied Piper or the Wendigo (The late sheriff's son, cool.) Why not keep the sheriff's son around? Nope. Same with the sweet girl who loves all things colonial and became Ichabod's friend. (her coffee mug says 'I ♥ the Founding Fathers') What do they do? Have her pop up now and then with a new frock coat for Ichabod and to add a little depth to the story? Hell no. Let's kill her off. Why? Makes no sense.

John Noble. I liked this guy in Lord of the Rings and Fringe (which also went off the rails, surprise, same guys who did Fringe, also do Sleepy Hollow) But I am not buying this whole 'son thing' in any shape or form. End. This. Story. Now. I wish they had kept him as a fatherly, eccentric professor-type go-to guy.

I'm at the end of my patience for this show. I only got this far because of Tom Mison, who you can tell is a brilliant actor and is head and shoulders above the material. Okay, I love his look and voice, too. He has a presence and his partnership with his 'Leftenant' It's solid.

Time to ditch "Mollusk", the old wrinkled son, the witch wife and get back to basics. I do like Matt Barr (left, the Charlie Hunnam lookalike) as Hawley and he would be a welcome addition to the fight. (eye candy aside) Same with Jenny, Abigail's sister. Every duo needs a circle of support. And why not slowly build a deeper relationship between Ichabod and Abigail? Interracial and inter-time travel romance? Fantastic! Men from the past make great heroes, romantic and other wise, I wish Sleepy Hollow would run with this.

And killing off Captain Irving? WTH? Of course, with this show it might not be permanent, but again, another interesting and wasted character.

Granted, all this is just my opinion, and its frustrating to watch a show that held such promise begin to circle the drain. I am really not sure if I am going to continue when it returns. And that's too bad.

Here's hoping Sleepy Hollow takes a new direction...and fast.

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