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REVIEW: Sons of Anarchy Series Ender: Did it Satisfy? #SonsofAnarchy #Review @KarynGerrard

*SPOILERS: For Season 7 and the entire series, be warned~

So, I did a review at the end of season six, read it HERE, I predicted Wendy would leave with Unser and Jax's kids. Instead, it turned out to be Nero, a better choice actually.

Also predicted Jax would be the bringer of death. Wow. The body count for season seven done by either Jax himself or the result of the lies that piled up like cord-wood was stunning in its execution. Visually gruesome and ultimately—cool. None of this was really a surprise. After all, Kurt Sutter, the show-runner, said long ago this was Hamlet on motorcycles. The ending was expected.

Also predicted Jax would kill his mother (not a stretch, so did Hamlet) I thought he might strangle her, but shooting her in the back of the head (ep 12) was cold, calculating, and as Gemma said, 'who we are'. For a brief moment, you see remorse as Jax hesitates, a last spark of compassion, but its quickly gone. *blam*. Goodbye Gemma, She really was a piece a work, and well played by Katey Sagal,

It can be argued this story could have been wrapped up in five seasons, making the show tighter, and the shocking scenes would have come faster making the impact more astounding in its depth. You know what? I don't care. So it dragged a bit here and there, I enjoyed spending the extra time with these over-the-top, at times sociopathic but ultimately loveable characters.

Jax wasn't likeable at all this season, and that was the whole point of the entire series. His journey to the dark side. He said to Nero in the last episode: When the time comes she (Wendy) needs to tell my sons who I really am. I'm not a good man. I'm a criminal and a killer. I need my sons to grow up hating the thought of me. 

 He finally accepted who he was. Who he became. He had chances to leave, or turn things around, but Jax in essence, is a thug, through and through, (with some major anger issues right out of the gate in Season 1, ep 1) albeit with deep emotions and the capacity to love. He's not a good man, but does possess a good heart when it comes to the people he loves. And that is what makes him so damned tragic.

I love as Nero and Wendy are driving away from Charming, Abel is in the back seat, spinning the SONS ring on his finger that Granny Gemma gave him, hinting that maybe this tragic story won't end with Jax. Perfect.

The writer in me balked at Jax burning the manuscript and all his meticulous notes, but when he killed Unser in the previous episode, I knew Jax was done. And so did he. He spent most of Ep 13 tying off and tying up loose ends and saying goodbye, and some complained it was slow and plodding. I say after seven seasons, let the prince have his curtain call. Besides Jax, Chibs had his moment in the sun this episode as well. Kudos to both Charlie Hunnam and Tommy Flanagan for bringing their A-game.

The multiple Jesus references were a little eye-rolling (The bread, the wine, etc) but the visuals worked in context with the story. And I just knew Jax would take his hands off the handlebars and outstretch his arms, Christ-like as he slammed into the 18-wheeler head-on (driven by Michael Chiklis from The Shield—cool) The seven crows flying off into the sky was a nice visual touch (for the seven SAMCRO guys who died?) And I loved the song 'Come Join The Murder' by The Forest Rangers that played over the final minutes. (lyrics written by Kurt Sutter) Apt, fitting, and an emotional kick to the gut. Which is why I loved this show.

Besides the fine acting from everyone through the seven seasons, I have to applaud the story itself. Storytelling at its finest, a sweeping epic, lots of emotion, peppered with bike chases, sex and violence. What a canvas.

Come Join The Murder by The White Buffalo on Grooveshark

All in all, the last episode was satisfying. It wrapped things up and hit all the right notes. Was it perfect? Not quite, but neither was the series itself. But it was emotional (Yeah, I teared up and more than once) This was a tragedy of epic proportions wrapped in a juicy, violent soap-opera . And it was entertaining as hell.

Bye, SAMCRO. I'll miss ye~

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