Sunday, December 14, 2014

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, News and a Hiatus...@KarynGerrard #takingabreak

Happy Holidays to everyone and all the best for 2015!

Personally, I am glad to see 2014 in the rear view mirror, not the best of times either personally or writer wise.

And not only do I need a bit of a rest, but I am dealing with my hubs and his health issues, and decided to turn my attention to him for awhile, especially over the holidays. We are planning a getaway at the end of the month, so looking forward to that.

I will see to my obligations regarding book spotlights at E-Romance News, and will visit Triberr now and then to share posts, but other than that, I am staying off the grid.

I did decide to join Tsu. Why? Joining another social media site makes me twitch, but I am so frustrated with Facebook and the fact no one sees anything I post on my personal profile or my pages. And coming in January, more changes are afoot to make it even more difficult.

I'm not completely sold on Tsu either, they did sign up 1 million users in five weeks, which is amazing. The earning money thing? Not interested. I just want people to see my posts, and in turn, I would like to see what ALL my friends are posting! Supposedly you can at Tsu, but for how long? I am sure the bigger Tsu gets, they will start implementing their own draconian rules, but until then, I will take this for a spin. Check me out HERE and friend me, or follow...whatever. :)

I will not be setting a firm release date for my first self-pub effort, THE BARON AND THE MISTRESS. I will take it as it comes. Early 2015 sometime. I do have a release date for my historical ebook from Kensington Publishing. BOLD SEDUCTION-Sept 1, 2015. Let you know when I get cover art.

So to everyone, all the best and see you next month~

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