Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hump Day Hottie: Stuart Reardon, Hero Muse! by @KarynGerrard #Hunk

Stuart Reardon's a fitness model and professional rugby league footballer who is currently playing for North Wales Crusaders. He plays as a fullback, wing or centre.

~The man knows how to market himself. Kudos! He is also a personal trainer and you can hire him for photoshoots perhaps for a romance cover! (out of my price range, I'm sure) ;) Not only a Facebook page HERE but a website HERE where you can order a calendar to brighten up your workspace! 

Born Oct 13 1981 (age 33)
Bradford, England
Height: 5'11
Weight 196-200 lbs

Let's ignore the fact he is young enough to be my son, (if I were a teen mom) and go with the fact he is a perfect hero muse for my romance heroes. 

Stuart has no compunction showing off all his hard work-body wise, but personally I prefer the pictures where he is actually wearing clothes!

Not a tat woman, but I am a total sucker for the whole, tall dark, and handsome look Stuart excels at.

While his brooding, pensive shots are great for the tortured heroes I usually write about, I adore the shots were he smiles, lights up his whole face.

Also the curly black hair is a bonus. And the facial hair. It suits him. 

Stuart also seems patient with all the prerequisite photos with adoring fans and romance writers at a recent convention in Las Vegas, Lovenbooks.

See what I mean about the smile? (below) Lucky lady. So while I can admire his form (which I know he works hard at, and believe me, I appreciate it) I love the fact he's British (a big plus) confident, smart enough to cash in on all this while he can (ten years from now, who's to say) and be the best he can possibly be. All while being handsome and comfortable in his own skin. Go for it, Stuart!

So, what hero muse will Stuart be for?  If and when I get around to writing the next book in my Wicked Men of Rockland series, he is perfect for Liam De Luca, who will be the hero of book 3.
Tragic loss, lost love, cold and aloof. Dangerous.

Yep. Perfect.

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